Prayer to Mother Gauri

Prayer to Mother Gauri

_"\"ê X"zBp“ X"pzBpÚY"u {ðp\"u _"\"pêP"ê _"p{R"@u¡,

ðpZNY"u e"Y"zVY"@u¡ BppvZr S"pZpY"{Np S"X"pu&_O"sO"u$

Sarva managala mangalyai shive sarvartha sadhike

Sharanye trayambake gauri naaraayani namo-stute

Adorations to Goddess who is the auspiciousness of all that is auspicious, who is the

consort of Lord Shiva, who is the bestower of every desire of one’s heart. Adorations to

You O Devi, I have taken refuge in you.