Start the day with prayer and end the day with prayer is a traditional adage. If we begin the day in an attitude of surrender with a prayer on our lips, we are sure to be enveloped with positive vibrations that will help us surge ahead energetically. Here are some slokas that will help us start our day.

Prayers at Dawn

T"øpO"# _X"ZNp
V"øÏ"p X"sZpqZ[_e"T"sZpSO"@¡pZr, W"pS"s# ðpðpr W"t{X"_"sO"pu V"sR"ðE"$
BpsàðE" ðps+¡# ðp{S"Zp`l@u¡O"\"# @s¡\"êSO"s _"\"uê X"X" _"sT"øW"pO"X"o$

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the nine Grahas: Sun, Moon, Mangal, Buddha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, may all these make my morning auspicious

_"S"O@s¡X"pZ# _"S"@¡# _"S"SQS"#, _"S"pO"S"pu&TY"p_"sqZ{T"zBp“pv E"$
_"TO"_\"Zp# _"TO"Z_"pO"“{S", @s¡\"êSO"s _"\"uê X"X" _"sT"øW"pO"X"o$

May the Sanatkumars, Sanak, Sanandan, and Sanatan, and Asuri and Pingal, make my morning auspicious. May the seven Swaras and the seven layers of Mother Earth make my morning auspicious.

_"TO"pNpê\"p# _"TO"@s¡“pE"“pðE", _"TO"^"êY"pu ŸrT"\"S"p{S" _"TO"$
W"tZp{Q @w¡O\"p W"s\"S"p{S" _"TO", @s¡\"êSO"s _"\"uê X"X" _"sT"øW"pO"X"o$

The seven seas, the seven mountains, the seven Rishis, the seven continents, the seven forests, the seven lokas, may all these make my morning auspicious.

T"wP\"r _"BpSR"p _"Z_"p_O"P"pT"#, _T"ðprê E" \"pY"sG\"ê“S"z E" O"uG"#$
S"W"# _"ðpVQz X"`O"p _"`v\", @s¡\"êSO"s _"\"uê X"X" _"sT"øW"pO"X"o$

The Earth soaked in Guna of Smell, the Waters in the Guna of Rasa, the Wind in the Guna of Touch, the Fire in the Guna of Heat and Light, the Sky in the Guna of Sound, may all these five elements enlighten my intellect.

T"øpO"# _X"ZNpX"uO"Qo Y"pu {\"{QO\"pQZO"# T"K>uO"o$
_" _"XY"BR"X"ê{S"^K># _Y"pO"o _"z_@w¡O"pA"NL> W"pZO"#$

The one who understands this Morning Prayer and respectfully recites it will, with the memory of Ma Bharati in his heart, forever act guided by Dharma true to himself.

g T"øpO"# _X"Zp{X" â{Q _"z_Us¡ZQpOX"O"f\"z,
_"{EE"O_"sA"z T"ZX"`z_" Bp{O"z O"sZrY"z$
Y"O_\"TS"G"pBpZ _"s^"sTO"X"\"u{O" {S"OY"z
O"QoV"øÏ"{S"^@¡“X"`z S" E" W"tO"_"zC"#$


T"øpO"W"êG"p{X" X"S"_"p \"E"_"pX"BpXY"z,
\"pE"pu {\"W"p[SO" {S"{A"“p Y"QS"sBpø`uNp$
Y"SS"u{O"S"u{O" \"E"S"v{BpêBpX"p ìp\"uE"S" O"z Qu\"Qu\"\X"G"X"EY"sO"X"p`lZBY"z$


T"øpO"S"êX"p{X" O"X"_"# T"ZX"@ê¡\"Np|, T"tNp| _"S"pO"S" T"Qz T"tá¡^"puf"X"pAY"pX"o$
T"tNp| _"S"pO"S" T"Qz T"tà^"puf"X"pAY"X"o$
Y"[_X"{SS"Qz G"BpQðpu^"X"ðpu^"W"tO"X"o,
ZGG\"pz W"sG"ŒX" ò\" T"ø{O"W"p{_"O"z \"v$

In the early hours of dawn I mediate upon the Essential Self clearly experienced in the heart cave, that which is Existence-Knowledge-Bliss in nature, that which is the Supreme Goal, the Paramhansa State, that which is the Fourth Plane of consciousness, which constantly illumines all the experiences in the dream, waking, and deep sleep conditions. I am that partless Brahman. Not this assemblage of matter envelopments.

Early Morning Prayers

T"øpO"# _X"ZNp
@¡ZpBpøu \"_"O"u “bX"r, @¡ZX"RY"u _"Z_\"O"r$
@¡ZX"t“u O"s Bppu{\"SQ#, T"øW"pO"u @¡ZQðpêS"X"o:


Karaagre Vasate Lakshmeeh, Karmadhye Saraswatee.

Karamoole tu Govindah, Prabhaate kara darshanam.

The front of the hand (i.e. finger tips) is ascribed to Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), the middle part of the hand to Saraswati, and the root (i.e. that part of the hand near the wrist) to Govinda. Therefore, every morning one should respectfully have a look at one’s hands (which symbolizes honest labor) visualizing the deities.

_"X"sç\"_"S"u Qu\"r, T"\"ê_O"S"X"NL>“u$
{\"^NpsT"[OS" S"X"_O"sWY"z, T"pQ_T"ðpê b"X"_\"X"u:

Samudra vasane Devi, parvata stana mandale

Vishnupatni namastubhyam, Paada sparsha kshamasvame.

O! Mother Earth, who has the ocean as clothes and mountains and forests on her body, who is the wife of Lord Vishnu, I bow to you. Please forgive me for touching you with my feet.


Surya Namaskar Mantra

ìp{QOY"S"X"_@¡pZS"o Y"u @¡\"ê[SO" {QS"u {QS"u$
QrR"ê ìpY"sV"ê“z \"rY"ê O"uG"_"o O"u^"pz E" G"pY"O"u$
ì@¡p“X"wOY"s`ZNpz _"\"ê\Y"p{R"{\"S"pðpS"X"o$
_"tY"êT"pQpuQ@z¡ O"rP"| G"K>Zu R"pZY"pXY"`X"o$
g {X"e"pY" S"X"# g Z\"Y"u S"X"#
g _"tY"pêY" S"X"# g W"pS"\"u S"X"#
g A"BppY" S"X"# g T"s^Npu S"X"#
g {`ZNY"BpW"pêY" S"X"# g X"ZrE"Y"u S"X"#
g _"{\"e"u S"X"# g ìp@¡pêY" S"X"#
g ìp{QOY"pY" S"X"# g W"p_@¡ZpY" S"X"#
g dr _"{\"O"w_"tY"êS"pZpY"NppY" S"X"#$

Om Mitraaya Namah, Om Ravaye Namah,

Om Suryaaya Namah, Om Bhaanave Namah,

Om Khagaaya Namah, Om Pushne Namah,

Om Hiranya-garbhaaya Namah, Om Mariche Namah,

Om Savitre Namah, Om Aarkaaya Namah,

Om Aadityaaya Namah, Om Bhaaskaraaya Namah.

Om Shree Savitrisoorya Narayanaaya Namah.

Salutations to Him who is my friend

Salutations to Him who is the cause for change

Salutations to Him who propels everyone into activity

Salutations to Him who is in the form of light

Salutations to Him who moves in the Sky

Salutations to Him who nourishes all

Salutations to Him who contains everything

Salutations to Him who possesses rays

Salutations to Him who is the son of Aditi

Salutations to Him who produces everything

Salutations to Him who is fit to be worshipped

Salutations to Him who is the cause of luster