Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated on Purnima or full moon day in the month of Shravan also known as Saawan. It is a day brother and sister re-affirm their sacred bond of love & affection. The beauty of this festival is that it is not observed by just biological siblings, but all those who bond like brothers with sisters though they may be unrelated.

It is thus a beautiful expression of love. The love between Lord Krishna and Draupadi is such a tender expression of this bond and the Mahabharata describes very beautifully. Draupadi always treated Krishna as her dear brother. The lord Krishna reciprocated her feelings and protected her at every turn. Whether it be accepting the dried greens or morsel of rice stuck on the akshaya patra. Or saving her and the other Pandavas from the wrath of Sage Durvasa’s anger. Also when she was disrobed by the evil Dussasan in the court of Kauravas.

Significance Of Raksha Bandhan

There is another interesting legend on the immediate reason for the celebration of Rakshabandan festival. One day Krishna cut his finger badly and there was much bleeding. Draupadi who was present there unhesitatingly tore a piece of her sari and bandaged the wounded finger.

Touched by her gesture the lord vowed to protect her at the appropriate time even repaying each thread of the cloth if the occasion so warranted it.

Prophetic words for soon she was dishonored in the court of the Kauravas after the Pandava brothers lost the game of dice. It was Krishna who protected her honor by providing her with endless heaps of clothes until the tyrant fell down tired and exhausted.

There are many other legends like Lakshmi tying the rakhi on King Bali’s hand and making him her brother. In the ancient days, the holy thread was a symbol of the sister’s love who prayed for the brother’s safe return from wars.

Nowadays it is seen as a symbol of a sister’s love and an occasion to reconnect with brothers.


The festival has become global with many e-commerce sites and online sites offering colorful rakhis and also offering to deliver it to the brothers. Many rakhi gift hampers that are available have made it into a commercial proposition, nevertheless, the awareness it has created has to be appreciated.


For those brothers and sisters living in the same place, it is an occasion to meet and greet and spend the day in joy after offering prayers and feasting. Sisters await the day as it is a pleasure to receive gifts from them after the rakhi is tied on the wrists of the brothers. Some communities also tie rakhis on the wrists of the sisters in law if the brothers are married. There are so many quaint customs followed in the country for each festival and this perhaps makes the whole event diverse and culturally vibrant.