Almost every Indian household has a prayer or alter room where the Almighty is worshiped each day.

What is it called

Prayer room is called Devalaya in Sanskrit. It can be explained as devasya devaanaaM vaa Aalaya: which means the home or abode of deity or deities.

Agni Purana also says the temple is the body of god,

Shikharam shira ityahurgarbhageham galastatha mandapam kukshirityahuh prakaram janujanghakam

gopuram pada ithyahurdhvajo jivanamuchyate

Shikhara is head, sanctum is neck, mandapa is waist, courtyard is knee, gopura is leg thus is said about the parts of temple.

And prayer room can also be called as small replica of temple. God or goddess stays in a temples or sanctum. Thus mention in Agni Purana as,

Evam harih sakshat prasadatvena sansthita

Prayer room – significance

The prayer room is an isolated room dedicated for offering prayers to the Almighty. In this room japa (repetition of the Lord’s name), paaraayana (reading of the scriptures), meditation, devotional singing, prayers etc. are performed. Many also pay visit to this room on special occasions such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Need for prayer room

For a religious individual, offering prayers to the Almighty is one of the most significant activities; hence the need for a dedicated prayer room which provides a conducive atmosphere and cultivates an aura of spiritualism. In such an atmosphere the communion between the devotee and the Almighty is comfortably aided.