Rishis And Rishi Pathnis




Rishis also called as sages are the holy creations of Lord Brahma. They are considered as the powerful sons of Lord Brahma. They are the special creations born in this earth, in order to introduce the Vedas, Holy texts, Shastras, Yagnas and other rituals for the well-being of the people in the earth. They performed fire sacrifices, and gave the share from the sacrifice to the divine gods and demi gods, and due to that lot of prosperities were happened in this earth and the gods and the demi gods were very much pleased by their activities. Lord Agni Dev in the form of fire receives the oblation and passes it to the divine gods.

Rishis are famous for their severe penance, and generally they would use their powers only for productive purpose. Rishis are the worshippers of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Vishnu. They used to do penance only for the sake of the well-being of the universe, and for bringing prosperity in the earth and heaven. At this present stage, most of the Rishis are living in the Maharishi Mandala along with their consorts and doing penance on the gods and goddesses. Rishi Vedavyasa is present living in the Badrinath in a divine form along with his disciple Sri Madhwacharya, an incarnation of wind god Lord Vayu Bhagavan.

Similar to Rishi, Rishi pathnis occupy a main role towards supporting their consorts. They are chaste and pure women who got spiritual powers, through the blessings of their consorts. They are considered as the dutiful wives of their consorts, and contain holiness and greatness. They never used to speak harsh words against their consorts and would remain obedient and act as an example for others. Some wives of rishis have become goddesses and they are protecting the mankind. Mata Renuka Devi had become goddess after her death, and safeguarding the people in the earth, and lot of temples are also dedicated to her. Similarly, Kripi, the wife of Drona, become the goddess and worshipped as Mata Seetala Devi in the northern parts of India. Likewise the great snake goddess, Mata Manasa Devi was the wife of Rishi Jaratkaru, and later she has become the goddess and was popularly worshipped in North India.

Let us worship the great rishis and rishi pathnis and be blessed.