Thailabhishekham means performing oil bath to the deities, also called as oil Abhishekham. Similar to performing milk, curd, fruit, ghee, honey, tender coconut water Abhishekham, performing oil Abhishekham is also considered as a sacred activity and it is mostly done in order to get rid from our health related ailments. After doing oil Abhishekham to the deities with the help of the priests, we can ask them to give some portion of oil to us in order to apply it in our body, since by doing so, our mind would become purified, as well as our various diseases would vanish from our body. Thailabishekham is very famous in Shani Shingnapur Temple, which is situated in the state of Maharashtra, and the most important feature present in this temple is, we can perform holy bath to the idol of Lord Saneeswara with our own hands.

Every Saturday, we can see lot of devotees in Shani Shingnapur Temple, and huge crowd would be waiting for their turn to pour the sesame oil on the holy idol of Lord Saneeswara, and by doing that, they strongly believe that due to the grace of their beloved god Saneeswara, they would prosper in their lives. The significance of performing Thailabishekham is being mentioned in our holy Puranas, and those who perform it regularly either to Lord Shiva or to Lord Saneeswara, would get relieved from their sins, diseases and they would attain lot of goodness in their lives.

As per legend, once a poor devotee used to visit Shani Shingnapur from a village in Maharashtra on every Saturdays, and while coming to the temple, apart from worshipping Lord Saneeswara, he also used to bath the idol of the Lord using sesame oil, with great devotion on his mind. Once, when he was about to reach the holy temple of Saneeswara, heavy rain began to pour, and hence he found himself unable to reach the temple. At that time, one saintly man dressed in black clothes had approached him, gave his extra umbrella to him, came along with him up to the temple premises, and when the poor devotee turned his head to thank the gentleman, he couldn’t find any one nearby him. Then only he realised that the great Lord Saneeswara had himself appeared before him in the form of a saintly man, and helped him to reach his temple. He thanked Lord Saneeswara for showing his great affection on him, and immediately Joyful tears began to pour from his eyes, and then he went inside the temple, and with full of cheerfulness on his mind, he had got a nice darshan of Lord Shaneeswara, bathed him with sesame oil, and also shared about his wonderful divine experience to other devotees.