Thiru Vilakku Puja




Thiru Vilakku puja also known as Lamp Worship would be mostly performed during Fridays by lighting the lamps, either in the mornings or in the evenings. This puja is very popular among Hindu women, and it is performed mostly in Tamil Nadu, and also in some parts of South India, and it is usually done by a group of Hindu women. Groups of women would bring Thiruvilakkus from their home, and they would eagerly gather in the temples in order to make worship to their holy lamps.

‘Thiru-vilakku’ would be daily lighted in the homes of the South Indian Hindus, since Thiru-vilakku is considered as a form of Ma Mahalakshmi, who is the goddess of luck and wealth. Thiruvilakku Pooja is being done by the women devotees in order to get the grace of the divine mother Ma Lakshmi Devi. This puja is being done for the well-being of the family members, and it brings goodness to each and every member. It is believed that those who sincerely perform the Thiru Vilakku Puja in the temples by lighting their lamps, Ma Mahalakshmi would also be present in that auspicious event, and she would bless the participants of the lamp puja. Mahalaxmi Thiruvilakku Pooja would bring lot of goodness to us, and it is mainly done during the Tamil Months, Chithirai and Vaigasi, and this holy lamp Puja can also be done during the Amavasa and Pournami days.

Before the start of this puja, the holy lamps must be properly cleaned, and it should be applied with Turmeric and Kumkum, in order to increase its sanctity. We can also prepare holy Prasad items which are considered as favourite for Ma Lakshmi, such as sweet made out of pure cow ghee, snacks made out of cow butter and fruits like Bananas, and it must be offered to the holy mother, Ma Lakshmi Devi. After the completion of the puja, we can also offer the Prasad items to the cows.

In general, this puja is being done by the married women for the longevity of their consorts and the details about the performance of this holy lamp puja is also mentioned in some of our holy texts of Hinduism.




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