Samadhi is a form of deep meditation, and through that, we can attain great happiness and cheerfulness, which we would not get anywhere else. It can be obtained through constant practice of meditation, and keeping great devotion on the almighty. Through the stage of Samadhi, we can realize the god in our heart, and we could get the eternal bliss of the almighty. Great saints like Ramakrishna and Ramana were in the Samadhi stage for many days, and due to that, they have got the divine vision of the almighty.

Most of the people are thinking that in order to attain the stage of Samadhi, they have to perform meditation on the Himalayas. But actually, there is no need to go there. If we find our home or our nearest temple as the convenient place for doing meditation, then we can practice our meditation in those places, and in course of time, we can attain the Samadhi stage. But at this present situation, it is not possible for everyone to sit in meditation for a long time, since most of the people around them would feel that simply he is wasting his time due to laziness. One can start doing meditation, after they complete their part of work, and after they get retired from their jobs. Or else, youngsters also can practice doing meditation during weekends. But initially while doing meditation, our mind would get diverted on unnecessary things, but gradually we can improve ourselves by controlling our mind, and can start doing perfect meditation on the almighty.

Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, and his gurus were in a deep Samadhi stage for many hours. They were able to do this, due to the spiritual guidance of Mahavatar Babaji. The great Madhwa Saint, Sri Guru Raghavendra is in a Samadhi stage, for a few hundred years at Mantralayam, and he is still showering his grace on his devotees, and prospering their lives.

In Navabrindavana, nine Madhwa saints are having their Brindavanams, and it is believed that they are in the Samadhi stage, and due to that, the temple priests are not allowing us to touch the holy brindavanas. Even though it is very difficult for us to be in the stage of Samadhi, at least from now onwards, let us start doing meditation regularly at least for a few minutes, in order to attain the Samadhi stage at least in our old age.