Shukra Bhagavan Namavali



Shukra is the planet Venus, who is one of the Navagrahas.  He is also the god of Friday as per the Hindu calendar, and he is called respectfully as Guru Shukracharya, and he is the guru for Demons.

He is mentioned as the son of Sage Bhrigu, and Kavyamata. And his wife is Jayanti, and their daughter is Devayani.

Velleeswarar Temple, Mangadu is a famous temple for worshipping Lord Shukra. It is situated near poonamallee, Chennai.

Agneeswarar Temple situated at Kanjanur, near kumbakonam is also a famous temple for worshipping Lord Shukra.

As per the great epic Mahabharata, Shukracharya was the guru of Bhishma, and he taught various divine subjects to him.

Shukracharya is mentioned in most of the ancient Hindu texts, and also in Buddhist texts. He is the guru for many famous demon kings, such as Bhakt Prahalad and his descendants such as mahabali and banasura, and he guided them properly.

He removes the negativity of thoughts and suicidal thoughts from our mind, and will make us to live peacefully and happily. He will also cure various dreaded diseases and mind related problems. We will get great strength and power in our mind and body by worshipping him. Lord Shukra is a great demi god, and contains all good qualities and he is one of the most powerful Navagraha. By worshipping him, with utmost faith and bhakti would benefit us in the long run.

Let us worship him, by chanting his 108 marvellous names, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om sukraya namah
  2. Om sucaye namah
  3. Om subhagunaya namah
  4. Om subhadaya namah
  5. Om subhalaksanaya namah
  6. Om sobhanaksaya namah
  7. Om subhravahaya namah
  8. Om suddhasphatikabhasvaraya namah
  9. Om dinartiharakaya namah
  10. Om daityagurave namah
  11. Om devabhivanditaya namah
  12. Om kavyasaktaya namah
  13. Om kamapalaya namah
  14. Om kavaye namah
  15. Om kalyanadayakaya namah
  16. Om bhadramurtaye namah
  17. Om bhadragunaya namah
  18. Om bhargavaya namah
  19. Om bhaktapalanaya namah
  20. Om bhogadaya namah
  21. Om bhuvanadhyaksaya namah
  22. Om bhuktimuktiphalapradaya namah
  23. Om carusilaya namah
  24. Om carurupaya namah
  25. Om carucandranibhananaya namah
  26. Om nidhaye namah
  27. Om nikhilasastrajñaya namah
  28. Om nitividyadhuramdharaya namah
  29. Om sarvalaksanasampannaya namah
  30. Om sarvapadgunavarjitaya namah
  31. Om samanadhikanirmuktaya namah
  32. Om sakalagamaparagaya namah
  33. Om bhṛgave namah
  34. Om bhogakaraya namah
  35. Om bhumisurapalanatatparaya namah
  36. Om manasvine namah
  37. Om manadaya namah
  38. Om manyaya namah
  39. Om mayatitaya namah
  40. Om mahayasase namah
  41. Om baliprasannaya namah
  42. Om abhayadaya namah
  43. Om baline namah
  44. Om satyaparakramaya namah
  45. Om bhavapasaparityagaya namah
  46. Om balibandhavimocakaya namah
  47. Om ghanasayaya namah
  48. Om ghanadhyaksaya namah
  49. Om kambugrivaya namah
  50. Om kaladharaya namah
  51. Om karunyarasasampurnaya namah
  52. Om kalyanagunavardhanaya namah
  53. Om svetambaraya namah
  54. Om svetavapuse namah
  55. Om caturbhujasamanvitaya namah
  56. Om aksamaladharaya namah
  57. Om acintyaya namah
  58. Om aksinagunabhasuraya namah
  59. Om naksatraganasamcaraya namah
  60. Om nayadaya namah
  61. Om nitimargadaya namah
  62. Om varsapradaya namah
  63. Om hṛsikesaya namah
  64. Om klesanasakaraya namah
  65. Om kavaye namah
  66. Om cintitarthapradaya namah
  67. Om santamataye namah
  68. Om cittasamadhikṛte namah
  69. Om adhivyadhiharaya namah
  70. Om bhurivikramaya namah
  71. Om punyadayakaya namah
  72. Om puranapurusaya namah
  73. Om pujyaya namah
  74. Om puruhutadisannutaya namah
  75. Om ajeyaya namah
  76. Om vijitarataye namah
  77. Om vividhabharanojjvalaya namah
  78. Om kundapuspapratikasaya namah
  79. Om mandahasaya namah
  80. Om mahamataye namah
  81. Om muktaphalasamanabhaya namah
  82. Om muktidaya namah
  83. Om munisannutaya namah
  84. Om ratnasimhasanarudhaya namah
  85. Om rathasthaya namah
  86. Om rajataprabhaya namah
  87. Om suryapragdesasamcaraya namah
  88. Om surasatrusuhṛde namah
  89. Om kavaye namah
  90. Om tulavṛsabharasisaya namah
  91. Om durdharaya namah
  92. Om dharmapalakaya namah
  93. Om bhagyadaya namah
  94. Om bhavyacaritraya namah
  95. Om bhavapasavimocakaya namah
  96. Om gaudadesesvaraya namah
  97. Om goptre namah
  98. Om gunine namah
  99. Om gunavibhusanaya namah
  100. Om jyesthanaksatrasambhutaya namah
  101. Om jyesthaya namah
  102. Om sresthaya namah
  103. Om sucismitaya namah
  104. Om apavargapradaya namah
  105. Om anantaya namah
  106. Om santanaphaladayakaya namah
  107. Om sarvaisvaryapradaya namah
  108. Om sarvagirvanaganasannutaya namah





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