Songs In Praise Of Sri Shirdi Saibaba




Saibaba of Shirdi is a wonderful saint, who is worshipped by his devotees throughout the world. He is a kind hearted and a noble saint, who is considered as the best saviour in this Kaliyuga. Daily lot of devotees are rushing to the sacred place Shirdi in order to have the glimpse of the holy Guru Sri Saibaba. Saibaba is worshipped by all classes of devotees, and he showers his grace to all the people irrespective of their caste, creed, community, gender and religion. Worshipping Saibaba during Thursdays is considered as a holy act, since Saibaba is considered as a universal Guru, and Thursdays are best days to worship the holy Gurus like Shirdi Saibaba and Guru Raghavendra.

During his lifetime, he has performed many miracles and still now he is performing lot of miracles in the lives of his devotees, and makes them to smile happier in their lives. In most of the Saibaba temples, free food is offered to all the devotees during Thursdays by considering it as a pious activity. Saibaba devotees have composed and sung lot of songs in praise of him, and some of the contents present in those divine songs are as follows:-

I humbly salute the worshipful Guru Sri Shirdi Saibaba, and let me bow my hands and fall at his holy feet.

You are the mother and father for your devotees, since they seek refuge at your holy feet.

Some of your devotees say, that you are Lord Rama some of them say that you are Lord Krishna, but, for us, you are everything.

Those who recite your name with sincerity would get your entire grace, and finally would reach the divine worlds through your blessings.

Though you appear in the form of a Fakir, but, in our eyes, you look like the handsome and the worshipful Lord Indra Bhagavan.

For us, you are the friend, philosopher, guide and god. You are the one, who gives food to the hungry people, shelter to the homeless and clothes to the beggars.

The city of Shirdi has attained great significance, due to your divine presence.

You are the one who removes the diseases of the people and gives great strength to them, and you are protecting your devotees throughout their life.

With your grace, we would be able to even lift the big mountains with our human hands.

Those who totally forgot you in their life are to be considered as the worst losers, since you are showering your grace even to those who rarely thinks about you.

Chanting the Sai Mantra, Jai Sri Sairam would blossom our lives like the lotus flower, and it acts as a best medicine both for our physical and mental wounds.

You contain great powers, and you have appeared as Lord Shiva in the eyes of some of your devotees.

You are the best gift offered to us by the god. And with this precious gift, all of our worries would fly away from us. You are always thinking about us, and finding out the best possible ways to remove our sufferings. Hey Sri Sai Guru Natha, we don’t know how to thank you, since you have done lot of goodness to us, and still you are doing and doing!

Oh my Dear Sai Appa, in my next birth, even if I take birth as a small dust particle, but, I want to permanently dwell at your lotus feet.

We are very much scared about our death,please always be with us, and remove the death related fear from our mind.




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