Spiritual Fire




We must have to generate more and more spiritual fire on our mind, similar to Bhagavan Ramakrishna, who had got great spiritual fire on his soul, and due to that, he was able to see and he was also able to converse with Ma Kali during his life time. Generating spiritual fire on our soul means inculcating the bhakti on our mind, and out of that, we can attain lot of goodness in our life. By developing lot of spiritual fire on our soul, in course of time, we would be relieved from our bad karmas, and also we would get good health with good peace on our mind.

If we perform badly in our work, our boss would tell, “Don’t you have the fire on your body?

We have to develop strong bhakti from our young age onwards, by lighting the spiritual fire on our soul. The great Shaivite Nayanmar Saint, Poosalar had got lot of spiritual fire on his soul, and hence, he was able to construct a temple for Lord Shiva on his soul itself. The great Appayya Dikshitar was able to recite the names of Lord Shiva, even when he has become mad, and he was able to do that, since he had developed lot of spiritual fire on his soul.

Similar to the Nayanmars and Alwars who possessed great spiritual fire on their souls, we must have to develop it in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.

We might have read in some magazines, that those who are poor in their studies luckily would have passed in their exams, and they also might have got a good job. This all happens by developing the spiritual fire on their mind.

Spirituality would do lot of wonders in our life, and it would also change our fate, and it would direct us to the spiritual path. Some people would be interested to develop spiritual fire at their old age, since they might be interested to enjoy lot of worldly pleasures during their first half of their life. But those people must remember that death may occur at any time for us, and once if they die at their young age, then the purpose of their birth would become waste, and without doing good deeds, they would not attain a good birth in their next birth. Hence everyone, irrespective of their religion, must develop more and more spiritual fire on their soul, during their young age itself, in order to attain goodness in their lives.