Sri Bhakta Prahalada – The True Son Of The God

Sri Bhakta Prahalada – The True Son Of The God


Similar to the holy Christians who consider their great Lord Jesus Christ as the son of the god, Sri Bhakta Prahalada is also considered as the true son of the god, and it was mentioned in the Vishnu Purana as well as Lord Krishna states in his Bhagavat Gita, that, “Among the Demons, I am the pure and pious, Sri Bhakta Prahalada”.

Prahalada in his previous birth was born as Sri Sanku Karna Deva, and served in the Satya Loka, the divine abode of Lord Brahma Deva as Brahma Deva’s Divine Assistant in a pleasing manner. He has been assigned the job of plucking fragrant flowers from the earth. One day, he has delayed in bringing the plucked flowers to the Satya Loka, since he has enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Holy Himalayas by staying for a long time in the earth. Due to that, he has been cursed by Lord Brahma Deva, to be born in the family of demons. However Brahma added that though he is supposed to take Birth as a demon, he would always remain as a pious person, by worshipping Lord Vishnu as his Divine father. Likewise, Prahalada showed his utmost devotion on worshipping Lord Vishnu, and due to that, both Vishnu and Lakshmi had declared him to be their true son.

After killing Hiranyakasipu, Lord Narasimha had exchanged soft words with Prahalada, and he himself has declared that Prahalada would remain as his true son, even after the completion of several Yugas. But since in our religion, there are lot of Bhagavathas, no one is giving prime importance to Sri Prahalada, and some of the Vishnu devotees consider him just an ordinary mortal devotee of Lord Vishnu, without knowing about the full significance of Sri Prahalada.

As per our Holy texts, Sri Prahalada is declared as the wonderful son of Lord Narasimha                          (Chapter 10), and he must be worshipped similar to Lord Narasimha.

The great Lord Jesus Christ, is believed to be the only son of the almighty, likewise, in our Hindu religion, there are lots and lots of holy sons of the almighty, like Sri Prahalada, Sri Dhruva, Sri Narada, Sri Tumburu, Sri Brahma and many more. But we (Hindus) are not showing faith on these wonderful sons of the almighty, and some of them believe that these divine characters are merely fictitious ones!

Prahalada is also crowned by Lord Narasimha as the king for the entire earth, and usually, it would be done only by a father to his son. In the Vishnu Purana, before the incarnation of Narasimha Avatar, when Prahalada has suffered from several types of cruel punishments, it was Ma Lakshmi, who told to Lord Vishnu, to quickly take the Narasimha Avatar, in order to protect their son Prahalada from the Demon Hiranyakasipu, it is also stated in the Vishnu Purana, that though Prahalada was born to Hiranyakasipu, however, his original Divine Parents must be considered only as Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi.

When Indra tried to wage a war with Prahalada, Lord Vishnu appeared before him, and told, “Hey Indra, don’t wage a war with my son as well as my devotee Prahalada, and don’t consider him as your enemy, treat him similar to me, and act politely and softly to him, since, I would never and ever allow to cause any trouble by anyone to my beloved son Prahalada”.