Sri Chandra Bhagavan Namavali

Sri Chandra Bhagavan NamavaliSri Chandra Bhagavan Namavali


Chandra   is one of the nine planets in Hinduism. He is also called as Soma, Ambuli and Indu. He is the son of Atri and Anusuya. Chandra literally means the “Moon”. In most of the Hindu households, Lord Chandra occupies an important place, since, the young mothers while feeding food to their children in their house terrace, would introduce Lord Chandra to their children as their affectionate uncle. Worshipping Lord Chandra in the skies during full moon days is considered as a good act, since Lord Chandra would deliver his full radiance on us during that auspicious full moon day.

Chandra is described as a beautiful person. According to Hindu mythology, Chandra is the father of Budha (planet Mercury).

Chandra is the basis of Somvaar,that is Monday as per the Hindu calendar.

In Hindu mythology, there are numerous stories which are associated with Lord Chandra.

From the union of Chandra and Tara, Lord Budha (planet Mercury) was born. Lord Chandra married Daksha’s 27 daughters, but among his 27 wives, he mainly loved Rohini only. Hence his wife’s father Daksha cursed on Chandra to lose his powers. After praying to Lord Shiva, he partially released from the curse.

According to ancient texts, it is also told, that once Chandra laughed at Ganesha by seeing his appearance. Ganesha cursed him to decrease in size. Therefore, it is advisable not to see the moon (Lord Chandra) on Ganesh Chaturthi festival day.

According to astrology, if a person is having Chandra Mahadasa in his planetary position, Lord Chandra will give good memory, make a person to contain good health, develops creativeness and makes him a fearless person and give him sufficient wealth. Similarly, if a person suffers from Chandra Dosham, he will give physical and mental problems to him, and also will affect his relationships between the people around him. In order to overcome from these problems, it is advisable to worship Lord Chandra, especially on Monday’s and to visit Navagraha shrines in Lord Shiva temple, and to offer Abhishekham to Lord Chandra Bhagavan. Reciting various Mantras in praise of Lord Chandra, also will give good remedy to the problems.

Let us praise Lord Chandra Bhagavan by reciting his 108 glorious names, and let us be blessed.

The 108 names of Lord Chandra Bhagavan are as follows:-

1) Om Shrimate Namah
2) Om Shashadharaya Namah
3) Om Chandraya Namah

4) Om Taradhishaya Namah

5) Om Nishakaraya Namah

6) Om Sudhanidhaye Namah

7) Om Sadaradhyaya Namah
8) Om Satpataye Namah
9) Om Sadhupujitaya Namah
10) Om Jitendriyaya Namah

11) Om Jayodyogaya Namah

12) Om Jyotishchakrapravartakaya Namah
13) Om Vikartananujaya Namah
14) Om Viraya Namah
15) Om Vishveshaya Namah
16) Om Vidusham Pataye Namah
17) Om Doshakaraya Namah
18) Om Dushtaduraya Namah
19) Om Pushtimate Namah
20) Om Shishtapalakaya Namah

21) Om Ashtamurtipriyaya Namah
22) Om Anantaya Namah
23) Om Kashtadarukutharakaya Namah
24) Om Svaprakashaya Namah
25) Om Prakashatmane Namah
26) Om Dyucharaya Namah
27) Om Devabhojanaya Namah
28) Om Kaladhraya Namah
29) Om Kalahetave Namah

30) Om Kamakrite Namah

31) Om Kamadayakaya Namah
32) Om Mrityusamharakaya Namah
33) Om Amartyaya Namah
34) Om Nityanushthanadaya Namah
35) Om Kshapakaraya Namah
36) Om Kshinapapaya Namah
37) Om Kshayavriddhisamanvitaya Namah
38) Om Jaivatrikaya Namah
39) Om Shuchaye Namah
40) Om Shubhraya Namah

41) Om Jayine Namah
42) Om Jayaphalapradaya Namah
43) Om Sudhamayaya Namah
44) Om Surasvamine Namah
45) Om Bhaktanamishtadayakaya Namah
46) Om Bhuktidaya Namah
47) Om Muktidaya Namah
48) Om Bhadraya Namah
49) Om Bhaktadaridryabhanjanaya Namah
50) Om Samaganapriyaya Namah

51) Om Sarvarakshakaya Namah
52) Om Sagarodbhavaya Namah
53) Om Bhayantakrite Namah

54) Om Bhaktigamyaya Namah

55) Om Bhavabandhavimochakaya Namah

56) Om Jagatprakashakiranaya Namah

57) Om Jagadanandakaranaya Namah

58) Om Nissapatnaya Namah

59) Om Niraharaya Namah

60) Om Nirvikaraya Namah

61) Om Niramayaya Namah

62) Om Bhuchchhayachchhaditaya Namah

63) Om Bhavyaya Namah

64) Om Bhuvanapratipalakaya Namah

65) Om Sakalartiharaya Namah

66) Om Saumyajanakaya Namah

67) Om Sadhuvanditaya Namah

68) Om Sarvagamagyaya Namah

69) Om Sarvagyaya Namah

70) Om Sankadimunistutaya Namah

71) Om Sitachchhatradhvajopetaya Namah

72) Om Sitangaya Namah

73) Om Sitabhushanaya Namah

74) Om Shvetamalyambaradharaya Namah

75) Om Shvetagandhanulepanaya Namah

76) Om Dashashvarathasamrudhaya Namah

77) Om Dandapanaye Namah

78) Om Dhanurdharaya Namah

79) Om Kundapushpojjvalakaraya Namah

80) Om Nayanabjasamudbhavaya Namah

81) Om Atreyagotrajaya Namah

82) Om Atyantavinayaya Namah

83) Om Priyadayakaya Namah

84) Om Karunarasasampurnaya Namah

85) Om Karkataprabhave Namah

86) Om Avyayaya Namah

87) Om Chaturasrasanarudhaya Namah

88) Om Chaturaya Namah
89) Om Divyavahanaya Namah

90) Om Vivasvanmandalagyeyavasaya Namah

91) Om Vasusamriddhidaya Namah

92) Om Maheshvarapriyaya Namah

93) Om Dantaya Namah

94) Om Merugotrapradakshinaya Namah

95) Om Grahamandalamadhyasthaya Namah

96) Om Grasitarkaya Namah
97) Om Grahadhipaya Namah

98) Om Dvijarajaya Namah

99) Om Dyutilakaya Namah

100) Om Dvibhujaya Namah

101) Om Dvijapujitaya Namah

102) Om Audumbaranagavasaya Namah

103) Om Udaraya Namah

104) Om Rohinipataye Namah

105) Om Nityodayaya Namah

106) Om Munistutyaya Namah

107) Om Nityanandaphalapradaya Namah

108) Om Sakalahladanakaraya Namah