Sri Ganesa Namavali





Sri Ganesa Namavali is considered as very sacred among all other Namavalis of the deities, since Lord Ganesa is considered as the first and foremost god in our Holy Hinduism. As per Puranas, before undertaking a particular task, even the divine deities used to worship Lord Vinayaka by chanting his Namavalis, and then only they would be able to succeed in their tasks. The great Sage Purushundi, Ma Avvaiyar and Vallallan had attained the lotus feet of Lord Vinayaka, after they sincerely chanted Sri Ganesa Namavalis for several millions of times in their lives.

The importance of Ganesa can be known fully by reading about him from the holy Vinayaka Purana. Lord Vinayaka holds the entire universe on his belly, and he is considered to be the first and foremost god, who exists even before the creation of the universe. As per legend, he was born to Ma Parvati, only after she sincerely prayed to him in order to be born as her son. Lord Vinayaka is also praised fondly by his devotees, like, Anaimugathavane, which means elephant faced god, and Aingarathane, which means the Lord Vinayaka contains five arms, which includes even his tusk.

The beautiful 108 names of Lord Vinayaka are given below:-

1) Om Vinayakaya namaha

2) Om Vighnarajaya namaha

3) Om Gauriputraya namaha

4) Om Ganesvaraya namaha

5) Om Skandagrajaya namaha

6) Om Avyayaya namaha

7) Om Putaya namaha
8) Om Dakshaya namaha

9) Om Adhyakshaya namaha

10) Om Dvijapriyaya namaha

11) Om Agnigarbhachide namaha

12) Om Indrasripradaya namaha

13) Om Vanipradaya namaha

14) Om Avyayaya namaha

15) Om Sarvasiddhipradaya namaha

16) Om Sarvajnanayaya namaha

17) Om Sarvaripriyaya namaha

18) Om Sarvatmakaya namaha

19) Om Srushtikatre namaha

20) Om Devaya namaha

21) Anekarchitaya namaha

22) Om Sivaya namaha

23) Om Suddhaya namaha

24) Om Buddhipriyaya namaha

25) Om Santaya namaha

26) Om Brahmacharine Naamaha

27) Om Gajananaya namaha

28) Om Dvaimatreyaya namaha

29) Om Munistutyaya namaha

30) Om Bhaktavighnavinasanaya namaha

31) Om Ekadantaya namaha

32) Om Chaturbahave namaha

33) Om Chaturaya namaha

34) Om Saktisamyutaya namaha

35) Om Lambodaraya namaha
36) Om Surpakarnaya namaha

37) Om Haraye namaha

38) Om Brahmaviduttamaya namaha

39) Om Kalaya namaha

40) Om Grahapataye namaha

41) Om Kamine namaha

42) Om Somasuryagnilochanaya namaha

43) Om Pasankusadharaya namaha

44) Om Chandaya namaha

45) Om Gunatitaya namaha

46) Om Niranjanaya namaha

47) Om Akalmashaya namaha

48) Om Svayamsiddhaya namaha

49) Om Siddharchitapadambujaya namaha

50) Om Bijapuraphalasaktaya namaha

51) Om Varadaya namaha

52) Om Sasvataya namaha

53) Om Krutine namaha

54) Om Dvijapriyaya namaha

55) Om Vitabhayaya namaha

56) Om Gadine namaha

57) Om Chakrine namaha

58) Om Ikshuchapadhrite namaha

59) Om Sridaya namaha

60) Om Ajaya namaha

61) Om Utpalakaraya namaha

62) Om Sripataye namaha

63) Om Stutiharshitaya namaha

64) Om Kuladribhettre namaha
65) Om Jatilaya namaha

66) Om Kalikalmashanasanaya namaha

67) Om Chandrachudamanaye namaha

68) Om Kantaya namaha

69) Om Papaharine namaha

70) Om Samahitaya namaha

71) Om Asritaya namaha

72) Om Srikaraya namaha

73) Om Saumyaya namaha

74) Om Bhaktavanchitadayakaya namaha

75) Om Santaya namaha

76) Om Kaivalyasukhadaya namaha

77) Om Sachidanandavigrahaya namaha

78) Om Jnanine namaha

79) Om Dayayutaya namaha

80) Om Dantaya namaha

81) Om Brahmadveshavivarjitaya namaha

82) Om Pramatta daityabhayadaya namaha

83) Om Srikanthaya namaha

84) Om Vibhudesvaraya namaha

85) Om Ramarchitaya namaha

86) Om Vidhaye namaha

87) Om Nagarajayajnopavitavate namaha

88) Om Sthulakanthaya namaha

89) Om Svayamkartre namaha

90) Om Samaghoshapriyaya namaha

91) Om Parasmai namaha

92) Om Sthulatundaya namaha

93) Om Agranye namaha

94) Om Dhiraya namaha

95) Om Vagisaya namaha

96) Om Siddhidayakaya namaha

97) Om Durvabilvapriyaya namaha

98) Om Avyaktamurtaye namaha

99) Om Adbhutamurtimate namaha

100) Om Sailendratanujotsangaya namaha

101) Om Svalavanyasudhasarajita namaha

102) Om Samastajagadadharayai namaha

103) Om Mayine namaha

104) Om Mushikavahanaya namaha

105) Om Hrushtaya namaha
106) Om Tushtaya namaha

107) Om Prasannatmane namaha

108) Om Sarvassiddhipradayakaya namaha




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