Sri Garuda Namavali

Sri Garuda NamavaliSri Garuda Namavali


Garuda   is a powerful bird. He is the vehicle   of Lord Vishnu, and contains all the good features, and serves Lord Vishnu in a pleasing manner in Vaikunta. He always stood in front of Lord Vishnu with bowed hands. He always chants the glory of Lord Vishnu, and wilfully carries Lord Vishnu in his shoulders. His parents are Kashyapa and Vinata. His brother is Aruna, a charioteer of Lord Surya, and his wife name is Unnati.

Garuda is the king of birds and an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He freed his mother from the clutches of his step mother Kadru by bringing the divine drink (Amirtha) from heaven.

Garuda is also worshipped in Buddhism.  In Vishnu temples, he is given a prominent place of worship. There is one famous temple dedicated for Lord Garuda which is situated in Mulbagal, Karnataka state.


He is mentioned in Hindu epics such as Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha purana and in Ramayana.

In Ramayana, he has helped Lord Rama from the cluthes of Nagastra. As soon as he arrived near Lord Rama, Lord Rama was freed from Nagastra, and then Lord Garuda worshipped Lord Rama, circumambulated him for three times, and went back to Vaikunta.

He helped Lord Krishna towards fighting with the Demon king, Narakasura. It is regarded that he is the enemy of the serpents. But he does not cause harm to anyone who are the devotees of Lord Vishnu, and who sincerely worships Lord Vishnu. He is regarded as a divine attendant of Lord Vishnu in Vaikunta.

Let us chant the 108 beautiful names of Lord Garuda in order to glorify him, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om Maha garudaya namah
  2. Om harivallabhaya namah
  3. Om svastikikrtadaksinapadaya namah
  4. Om akuncitavamapadaya namah
  5. Om pranjalikrtadoryugmaya namah
  6. Om vamakatakikrtanantaya namah
  7. Om yajnasutrikrtavasukaye namah
  8. Om katisutrikrtataksakaya namah
  9. Om harikrtakarkotakaya namah
  10. Om sapadmadaksinakarnaya namah
  11. Om samahapadmavamakarnaya namah
  12. Om sasankhasiraskaya namah
  13. Om bhujantaragulikaya namah
  14. Om paundrakalikanaga suvijitaya namah
  15. Om elaputrakadi narayanaya namah
  16. Om mudanvitaya namah
  17. Om kapilaksaya namah
  18. Om garutmate namah
  19. Om suvarnasadrsaprabhaya namah
  20. Om ajanutah suparnabhaya namah
  21. Om akatyostu hinaprabhaya namah
  22. Om akandhankunkumarunaya namah
  23. Om sata candranibhananaya namah
  24. Om nilagranasikavaktraya namah
  25. Om sumahaccarukundalaya namah
  26. Om damstrakaralavadanaya namah
  27. Om mukutojjvalaya namah
  28. Om kunkumarunasarvangaya namah
  29. Om kundendudhavalanaya namah
  30. Om visnuvahaya namah
  31. Om nagabhusanaya namah
  32. Om visatularasyanalaya namah
  33. Om bhagavate namah
  34. Om srimahagarudaya namah
  35. Om paksindraya namah
  36. Om visnuvallabhaya namah
  37. Om tryailokyaparipujitaya namah
  38. Om ugraya namah
  39. Om bhayankaraya namah
  40. Om kalanalarupaya namah
  41. Om vajranakhaya namah
  42. Om vajratundaya namah
  43. Om vajradantaya namah
  44. Om vajradamstraya namah
  45. Om vajrapucchaya namah
  46. Om vajrapaksalaksita sariraya namah
  47. Om apratisanaya namah
  48. Om dustavisadusanaya namah
  49. Om sprsta visanasaya namah
  50. Om dandasukavisadaranaya namah
  51. Om pralinavisapranasaya namah
  52. Om sarvavisanasaya namah
  53. Om candramandalasankasaya namah
  54. Om suryamandalamustikaya namah
  55. Om prthvimandalamudrangaya namah
  56. Om ksipasvahamantraya namah
  57. Om suparnaya namah
  58. Om garutmate namah
  59. Om trivrcchiraya namah
  60. Om gayatricaksuse namah
  61. Om stomatmane namah
  62. Om samatanave namah
  63. Om vasudevya bhaktaya namah
  64. Om yannayanniyapucchaya namah
  65. Om chandongaya namah
  66. Om dhisnisaphaya namah
  67. Om yajurnamne namah
  68. Om im bijaya namah
  69. Om stryam bijaya namah
  70. Om anantakadutavisaharaya namah
  71. Om vasukidutavisaharaya namah
  72. Om taksakadutavisaharaya namah
  73. Om karkotakadutavisaharaya namah
  74. Om padmakadutavisaharaya namah
  75. Om mahapadmakadutavisaharaya namah
  76. Om sabdadutavisaharaya namah
  77. Om gulikadutavisaharaya namah
  78. Om paundrakalikadutavisaharaya namah
  79. Om nagakadutavisaharaya namah
  80. Om lutavisaharaya namah
  81. Om pralutavisaharaya namah
  82. Om vrscikavisaharaya namah
  83. Om ghotakavisaharaya namah
  84. Om sthavaravisaharaya namah
  85. Om jangamakavisaharaya namah
  86. Om divyanam mahanaganam namah
  87. Om mahanagadirupanam namah
  88. Om musikavisaharaya namah
  89. Om grhagaulikavisaharaya namah
  90. Om grhagodhikavisaharaya namah
  91. Om ghranapavisaharaya namah
  92. Om grhagirigahvarakalanala namah
  93. Om tarnavisaharaya namah
  94. Om paurnavisaharaya namah
  95. Om kasthadaruvrksakotararata namah
  96. Om mulatvagdaruniryabhutaya namah
  97. Om dustakitakapisvanamarjala namah
  98. Om jarayujandajodbhijnam namah
  99. Om sastrabanaksata Pakshirajaya namah
  100. Om krtrimavisaharaya namah
  101. Om Parama Bhagavathaya namah
  102. Om visatundanam visaharaya namah
  103. Om Vishnuswarupaya namah
  104. Om visadamstranam visaharaya namah
  105. Om visanganam visaharaya namah
  106. Om visapucchanam visaharaya namah
  107. Om visvacaranam visaharaya namah
  108. Om nirvisesa parabrahmane namah




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