Sri Gouthama Buddha Namavali

Sri Gouthama Buddha NamavaliSri Gouthama Buddha Namavali


Siddhartha (480-563BC) also called as Gautama Buddha, was a monk, teacher and religious leader and he was the founder of Buddhism. He is believed to have lived in India.

Gautama is the main person in Buddhism, and he was born in the Shakya clan. It is believed that, Gautama was born in Nepal, and lived in Kapilavastu.

According to Buddhist tradition, he obtained his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, gave his first lecture in Sarnath, and died in Kushinagar,Uttar Pradesh.

Gautama was born to a Hindu family, the son of Suddhodana and Mayadevi. Suddhodana was the ruler of Kapilavastu.

Buddha’s Birthday is called as Buddha Purnima and it is celebrated widely in Nepal and India, as he is believed to have been born on a full moon day.

At the time of his birth, several scholars have declared that he will become a great saint in his future life.

Since his mother has died a few days after delivering him, siddhartha was brought up by his mother’s younger sister, Maha Pajapati.

When he reached the age of 16, he was married to Yasodhara. And they had a son named Rahula.

At the age of 29, Siddhartha left his palace for seeking enlightenment and to become a monk.

Gautama initially went to the present day Bihar and began his saintly life by taking alms in the streets.

After some time Buddha is said to have travelled in Uttar Pradesh, and taught the philosophies of Buddhism to all kinds of people like rich and poor, good and bad.

Lord Gautama Buddha was a very great saint and he has left all of his comforts at his younger age itself, and went in search for spirituality. He has founded a very good and great religion, which teaches the ahimsa, that is not giving harm to other living creatures. He also told stories to the people during his religious meetings with the people, and also told the ways to eliminate our karma by reducing the worldly pleasures in our life. According to his famous saying, “Even when our body cannot be healed, but our soul can be healed”. This can be obtained by doing good things to others, meditating for getting calmness in our mind, and not doing any harm to others, and to follow the principles of Buddhism.

Hence, let us live our life happily and peacefully, based on the teachings of Lord Buddha, and also let us chant his 108 wonderful names, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om buddhaya namah
  2. Om budhajananandine namah
  3. Om buddhimate namah
  4. Om buddhicodanaya namah
  5. Om buddhapriyaya namah
  6. Om buddhasatkaya namah
  7. Om bodhitadvaitasamhitaya namah
  8. Om buddhiduraya namah
  9. Om bodharupaya namah
  10. Om buddhasarvaya namah
  11. Om budhantaraya namah
  12. Om buddhikrte namah
  13. Om buddhivide namah
  14. Om buddhaye namah
  15. Om buddhibhide namah
  16. Om buddhipate namah
  17. Om budhaya namah
  18. Om buddhyalayaya namah
  19. Om buddhilayaya namah
  20. Om buddhigamyaya namah
  21. Om budhesvaraya namah
  22. Om buddhyakamaya namah
  23. Om buddhavapuse namah
  24. Om buddhibhoktre namah
  25. Om budhavanaya namah
  26. Om buddhipratigatanandaya namah
  27. Om buddhimuse namah
  28. Om buddhibhasakaya namah
  29. Om buddhipriyaya namah
  30. Om buddhyavasyaya namah
  31. Om buddhisodhine namah
  32. Om budhasayaya namah
  33. Om buddhisvaraya namah
  34. Om buddhisakhaya namah
  35. Om buddhidaya namah
  36. Om buddhibandhavaya namah
  37. Om buddhinirmitabhutaughaya namah
  38. Om buddhisaksine namah
  39. Om budhottamaya namah
  40. Om bahurupaya namah
  41. Om bahugunaya namah
  42. Om bahumayaya namah
  43. Om bahukriyaya namah
  44. Om bahubhogaya namah
  45. Om bahumataya namah
  46. Om bahunamne namah
  47. Om bahupradaya namah
  48. Om budhetaravaracaryaya namah
  49. Om bahubhadraya namah
  50. Om bahupradhaya namah
  51. Om brndarakavanaya namah
  52. Om brahmane namah
  53. Om brahmadusanakaitavaya manah
  54. Om brahmaisvaryaya namah
  55. Om bahubalaya namah
  56. Om bahuviryaya namah
  57. Om bahuprabhaya namah
  58. Om bahuvairagyabharitaya namah
  59. Om bahusriye namah
  60. Om bahudharmavide namah
  61. Om bahulokajayine namah
  62. Om bandhamocakaya namah
  63. Om badhitasmaraya namah
  64. Om brhaspatigurave namah
  65. Om brahmastutaya namah
  66. Om brahmadinayakaya namah
  67. Om brahmandanayakaya namah
  68. Om bradhnabhasvaraya namah
  69. Om brahmatatparaya namah
  70. Om balabhadrasakhaya namah
  71. Om baddhasubhadraya namah
  72. Om bahujivanaya namah
  73. Om bahubhuje namah
  74. Om bahirantasthaya namah
  75. Om bahirindriyadurgamaya namah
  76. Om balahakabhaya namah
  77. Om badhacchide namah
  78. Om bisapuspabhalocanaya namah
  79. Om brhadvaksase namah
  80. Om brhatkridaya namah
  81. Om brhadrumaya namah
  82. Om brhatpriyaya namah
  83. Om brhattrptaya namah
  84. Om brahmarathaya namah
  85. Om brahmavide namah
  86. Om brahmaparakrte namah
  87. Om badhitadvaitavisayaya namah
  88. Om bahuvarnavibhagahrte namah
  89. Om brhajjagadbhedadusine namah
  90. Om bahvascaryarasodadhaye namah
  91. Om brhatksamaya namah
  92. Om bahukrpaya namah
  93. Om bahusilaya namah
  94. Om balipriyaya namah
  95. Om badhitasistanikaraya namah
  96. Om badhatitaya namah
  97. Om bahudayaya namah
  98. Om badhitantassatrujalaya namah
  99. Om baddhacittahayottamaya namah
  100. Om bahudharmapravacanaya namah
  101. Om bahumantavyabhasitaya namah
  102. Om barhirmukhasaranyaya namah
  103. Om brahmanyaya namah
  104. Om brahmanapriyaya namah
  105. Om brahmastutaya namah
  106. Om brahmabandhave namah
  107. Om brahmasuve namah
  108. Om brahmasaya namah





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