Sri Nandikeswarar Namavali

Sri Nandikeswarar Namavali



Nandi is the guardian of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and also he pleasingly serves as the mount to Lord Shiva. Almost in all Shiva temples, the statue of Lord Nandi will be there, before in front of Lord Shiva’s main shrine. Nandi worship exists for several thousands of years. Lord Nandi holds the music instrument Mritangam on his hands in the holy Kailash, and whenever Lord Shiva directs him to play the instrument, he would eagerly play the instrument in a fantastic manner.

Nandi is the son of the sage Shilada. Shilada received Nandi as his son, after doing severe penance on Lord Shiva. By Lord Shiva’s grace, Nandi was born from a Yajna performed by Shilada. Nandi is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and he did severe penance, and become his mount as well as the divine gate-keeper of Kailasa.

Nandi has got the spiritual knowledge from Lord Shiva and from goddess Parvati. He shared his spiritual knowledge to his eight disciples.  Once, Nandi cursed Ravana that his kingdom would be burnt by Lord Hanuman. And it was happened as per his curse.

Lord Nandikeswarar, who was a divine       attendant of Lord Shiva, takes care of Kailasa as a gate keeper, and his vision will be always on Lord Shiva. His bhakti on Lord Shiva is magnificent. His statue was installed on all the shiva temples. During pradosham and shivarathri festival, abhishekham and archanai will be done for both Lord Shiva and to Lord Nandikeswarar. People will generally tell their problems into the ears of Lord Nandi’s statue, and they   believe that Lord Nandi will tell our problems to Lord Shiva, and remove our problems. People who are having severe diseases, and suffering from severe mind related problems must have to do abhishekham to Lord Nandhikeswarar during Pradhosham, in order to get relieved from their problems.

Let us chant the below mentioned 108 beautiful names of Lord Nandikeswarar and let us be blessed.

  1. Om nandikesaya namah
  2. Om brahmarupine namah
  3. Om sivadhyanaparayanaya namah
  4. Om tiksnasrngaya namah
  5. Om vedapadaya namah
  6. Om virupaya namah
  7. Om rishabhaya namah
  8. Om tungasailaya namah
  9. Om devadevaya namah
  10. Om sivapriyaya namah
  11. Om virajamanaya namah
  12. Om natanaya namah
  13. Om agnirupaya namah
  14. Om dhanapriyaya namah
  15. Om sitacamaradharine namah
  16. Om vedangaya namah
  17. Om kanakapriyaya namah
  18. Om kailasavasine namah
  19. Om devaya namah
  20. Om sthitapadaya namah
  21. Om srutipriyaya namah
  22. Om svetopavitine namah
  23. Om natyanandakaya namah
  24. Om kimkinidharaya namah
  25. Om mattasrngine namah
  26. Om hatakesaya namah
  27. Om hemabhusanaya namah
  28. Om visnurupine namah
  29. Om prthvirupine namah
  30. Om nidhisaya namah
  31. Om sivavahanaya namah
  32. Om gulapriyaya namah
  33. Om caruhasaya namah
  34. Om srngine namah
  35. Om navatrnapriyaya namah
  36. Om vedasaraya namah
  37. Om mantrasaraya namah
  38. Om pratyaksaya namah
  39. Om karunakaraya namah
  40. Om sighraya namah
  41. Om lalamakalikaya namah
  42. Om sivayogine namah
  43. Om jaladhipaya namah
  44. Om carurupaya namah
  45. Om vrsesaya namah
  46. Om somasuryagnilocanaya namah
  47. Om sundaraya namah
  48. Om somabhusaya namah
  49. Om suvaktraya namah
  50. Om kalinasanaya namah
  51. Om suprakasaya namah
  52. Om mahaviryaya namah
  53. Om hamsaya namah
  54. Om agnimayaya namah
  55. Om prabhave namah
  56. Om varadaya namah
  57. Om rudrarupaya namah
  58. Om madhuraya namah
  59. Om kamikapriyaya namah
  60. Om visistaya namah
  61. Om divyarupaya namah
  62. Om ujvaline namah
  63. Om jvalanetraya namah
  64. Om samvartaya namah
  65. Om kalaya namah
  66. Om kesavaya namah
  67. Om sarvadevataya namah
  68. Om svetavarnaya namah
  69. Om sivasinaya namah
  70. Om cinmayaya namah
  71. Om srngapattaya namah
  72. Om svetacamarabhusaya namah
  73. Om devarajaya namah
  74. Om prabhanandine namah
  75. Om panditaya namah
  76. Om paramesvaraya namah
  77. Om virupaya namah
  78. Om nirakaraya namah
  79. Om chinnadaityaya namah
  80. Om nasasutrine namah
  81. Om anantesaya namah
  82. Om tilatandulabhaksanaya namah
  83. Om varanandine namah
  84. Om sarasaya namah
  85. Om vimalaya namah
  86. Om pattasutraya namah
  87. Om kalakanthaya namah
  88. Om sailadine namah
  89. Om siladanasunandanaya namah
  90. Om karanaya namah
  91. Om srutibhaktaya namah
  92. Om viraghantadharaya namah
  93. Om dhanyaya namah
  94. Om visnunandine namah
  95. Om sivajvalagrahine namah
  96. Om bhadraya namah
  97. Om anaghaya namah
  98. Om viraya namah
  99. Om dhruvaya namah
  100. Om dhatre namah
  101. Om sasvataya namah
  102. Om pradosapriyarupine namah
  103. Om vrsaya namah
  104. Om kundaladhrte namah
  105. Om bhimaya namah
  106. Om sitavarnasvarupine namah
  107. Om sarvatmane namah
  108. Om sarvavikhyataya namah