Sri Rama Namavali

Sri Rama NamavaliSri Rama Namavali


Rama also called as Sri Rama, is a famous avatar of Lord Vishnu. Though he was incarnated before several millions of years ago, yet, he is remembered for his good qualities. Lord Rama is praised by his devotees and we can find the regular chanting of “JAI SRIRAM”, by the Hindu activists mostly in North India. After the inauguration ceremony of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Ram devotees were very happy to witness their dream temple in future. It is the duty of the Hindus, to spread about the significance of Lord Rama amongst the people throughout the world, by the way of delivering divine lectures in YouTube Videos.

Lord Rama lived like an ordinary man, and though he lost his wife Ma Sita, inside the earth, yet, his thoughts were filled up fully about Ma Sita. He never married for the second time, and remained as a pure and pious person.

Apart from Hanuman, Lord Ram is famously worshipped by the Madhwa Saints like Guru Madwacharya, Vyasaraja and Guru Raghavendra. Whenever if we face any troubles, it is the best way, to recite the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM, SRIRAM JAYA RAM, JAYA JAYA, RAM”, in order to get rid from our troubles.

Medieval saints like Kabir das, Bhadrachala Ramadas and Samartha Ramadas are considered as true devotees of Ram, and their each and every breath chants the Rama Mantra. The great Kabir Das, though he was a Muslim, was a sincere Ram Devotee, and once he roars like a lion in front of a public gathering and says, “Let me put sand on the mouth of those, who are not interested to chant the Rama Mantra, JAI SRIRAM”.

Apart from singing Ram songs and reciting his mantras, it is our most important duty to recite his 108 precious names, in order to please him. Those who please Lord Rama by glorifying him would be always blessed by the Rama Bhakta Hanuman.

The 108 Golden names of Lord Rama are as follows:

  1. Om samraje namaha
  2. Om daksinamargasthaya namaha
  3. Om sahodaraparitaya namaha
  4. Om sadhukalpatarave namaha
  5. Om vasyaya namaha
  6. Om vasantartusambhavaya namaha
  7. Om sumantradara-sampujyaya namaha
  8. Om yauvarajyavinirgataya namaha
  9. Om subandhave namaha
  10. Om sumahanmargine namaha
  11. Om mrgayakhelakovidaya namaha
  12. Om sarittiranivasasthaya namaha
  13. Om maricamrga-marganaya namaha
  14. Om sadotsahine namaha
  15. Om cirasthayine namaha
  16. Om spastabhasanasobhanaya namaha
  17. Om strisilasamsayodvignaya namaha
  18. Om jatavedahprakirtitaya namaha
  19. Om svayambodhaya namaha
  20. Om tamoharine namaha
  21. Om punyapadaya namaha
  22. Om aridarunaya namaha
  23. Om sadhupaksaparaya namaha
  24. Om linaya namaha
  25. Om sokalohitalocanaya namaha
  26. Om sasaravanadavagnaye namaha
  27. Om sahakarya-samutsukaya namaha
  28. Om senavyuhapravinaya namaha
  29. Om strilanchanakrtasangaraya namaha
  30. Om satyagrahine namaha
  31. Om vanagrahine namaha
  32. Om karagrahine namaha
  33. Om subhakrtaye namaha
  34. Om sugrivabhimataya namaha
  35. Om manyaya namaha
  36. Om manyunirjitasagaraya namaha
  37. Om sutadvayayutaya namaha
  38. Om sitabhugarbhagamanakulaya namaha
  39. Om supramanitasarvangaya namaha
  40. Om puspamala-susobhitaya namaha
  41. Om sugataya namah namaha
  42. Om sanujaya namaha
  43. Om yoddhre namaha
  44. Om divyavastradisobhanaya namaha
  45. Om samadhatre namaha
  46. Om samakaraya namaha
  47. Om samaharaya namaha
  48. Om samanvayaya namaha
  49. Om samayogine namaha
  50. Om samutkarsaya namaha
  51. Om samabhavaya namaha
  52. Om samudyataya namaha
  53. Om samadrstaye namaha
  54. Om sabharambhaya namaha
  55. Om samavrttaye namaha \
  56. Om samadyutaye namaha
  57. Om sadoditaya namaha
  58. Om navonmesaya namaha
  59. Om sadasadvacakaya namaha
  60. Om pumse namaha
  61. Om harinakrstavaidehipreritaya namaha
  62. Om priyadarsanaya namaha
  63. Om hrtadaraya namaha
  64. Om udarasriye namaha
  65. Om janasokavisosanaya namaha
  66. Om hanumadvahanaya namaha
  67. Om dasaratha Rama namaha
  68. Om sita Rama namaha
  69. Om pattabi Rama namaha
  70. Om hanumadutasampacaya namaha
  71. Om ayodhya Rama namaha
  72. Om kausalya Rama namaha
  73. Om raghunandana namaha
  74. Om sundara rama namaha
  75. Om soundaraya rama namaha
  76. Om alankara rama namaha
  77. Om tamalabhaya namaha
  78. Om rudanaklinnalocanaya namaha
  79. Om ksinayurjanakahutaya namaha
  80. Om raksoghnaya namaha
  81. Om rksavatsalaya namaha
  82. Om jnanacasuse namaha
  83. Om yogavijnaya namaha
  84. Om yuktijnaya namaha
  85. Om yugabhusanaya namaha
  86. Om sitakantaya namaha
  87. Om citramurtaye namaha
  88. Om kaikayisutabandhavaya namaha
  89. Om paurapriyaya namaha
  90. Om purnakarmane namaha
  91. Om punyakarma-payonidhaye namaha
  92. Om surajyasthapakaya namaha
  93. Om caturvarnyasamyojakaya namaha
  94. Om ksamaya namaha
  95. Om dvaparasthaya namaha
  96. Om mahate namaha
  97. Om atmane namaha
  98. Om supratisthaya namaha
  99. Om yugandharaya namaha
  100. Om punyapranatasantosaya namaha
  101. Om suddhaya namaha
  102. Om patitapavanaya namaha
  103. Om purnaya namaha
  104. Om apurnaya namaha
  105. Om anujapranaya namaha
  106. Om nijahrdisvayamprapyaya namaha
  107. Om vaidehiprananilayaya namah
  108. Om saranagatavatsalaya namaha