Sri Swami Narayan Namavali

Sri Swami Narayan NamavaliSri Swami Narayan Namavali


Swaminarayan (1781 –1830), also known as Sahajanand Swami, was a yogi. He is believed by his followers as an avatar of Lord Narayana.

Swaminarayan was born as Ghanshyam Pande into a Brahmin family at Uttar Pradesh, India in 1781. In 1792, he travelled across India, and adopted the name as Nilkanth Varni. Nilkanth Varni visited the Jagannath Temple in Puri as well as temples in Badrinath, Rameswaram, Nashik, Dwarka and   Pandharpur.

During his journey, he has done lot of welfare activities to the people and he settled in the state of Gujarat around 1799.

In 1800, he was adapted into the Uddhav sampradaya by his guru, Swami Ramanand, and was given the name Sahajanand Swami. In 1802, his guru made him the leader of the Uddhav Sampraday before his death. Sahajanand Swami taught the Swaminarayan Mantra to the people. From then onwards, he was known as Swaminarayan. The Uddhav Sampraday became known as the Swaminarayan Sampraday.

Swaminarayan died on 1 June 1830, and he was cremated in Gadhada, Gujarat.

Swaminarayan, established temples, as part of his philosophy of deity worship, and these Mandirs are known as Swaminarayan Hindu temples.

It is believed that the sage Narayana who took birth as Lord Krishna in Dwapara yuga, has again taken the avatar as “SWAMI NARAYAN” in this Kali Yuga. He is regarded as an eminent and efficient guru among his followers. He has done many miracles to the people during his life time, and is still answering to the prayers of his devotees from his Mandir. His Mandirs are situated all over India, and also some of them are situated in foreign countries.

Let us pray to this great saint, for our well-being, and for the well- being of the people of the entire universe.

Let us chant his 108 divine names and be blessed.

  1. 1. Om Shri Krishnaya Namaha
    2. Om Shri Vasudevaya Namaha
    3. Om Shri Nar-Narayanaya Namaha
    4. Om Shri Prabhave Namaha
    5. Om Shri Bhakti-Dharmatmajaya Namaha
    6. Om Shri Ajanmane Namaha
    7. Om Shri Krishnaya Namaha
    8. Om Shri Narayanaya Namaha
    9. Om Shri Haraye Namaha
    10. Om Shri Harikrishnaya Namaha
    11. Om Shri Ghanshyamaya Namaha
    12. Om Shri Dharmikaya Namaha
    13. Om Shri Bhaktinandanaya Namaha
    14. Om Shri Bruhadvratdharaya Namaha
    15. Om Shri Shuddhaya Namaha
    16. Om Shri Radha-Krishnaya Namaha
    17. Om Shri Marutsutpriyaya Namaha
    18. Om Shri Kalibhairavadya Namaha
    19. Om Shri Jitendriyaya Namaha
    20. Om Shri Jitaharaya Namaha
    21. Om Shri Tivravairagyaya Namaha
    22. Om Shri Ãstikaya Namaha
    23. Om Shri Yogeshvaraya Namaha
    24. Om Shri Yogakalapravruttaye Namaha
    25. Om Shri Atidhairyavate Namaha
    26. Om Shri Gnanine Namaha
    27. Om Shri Paramhansaya Namaha
    28. Om Shri Tirthkrute Namaha
    29. Om Shri Tairthikarchitaya Namaha
    30. Om Shri Kshamanidhaye Namaha
    31. Om Shri Sadonnidraya Namaha
    32. Om Shri Dhyannishthaya Namaha
    33. Om Shri Tapahpriyaya Namaha
    34. Om Shri Siddheshvaraya Namaha
    35. Om Shri Svatantraya Namaha
    36. Om Shri Brahmavidyaya Namaha
    37. Om Shri Pashandochave Namaha
    38. Om Shri Svaswarupachalsthitaye Namaha
    39. Om Shri Prashantmurtaye Namaha
    40. Om Shri Nirdoshaya Namaha
    41. Om Shri Asuragurvadiya Namaha
    42. Om Shri Atikarunyanayanaya Namaha
    43. Om Shri Uddhavadhvaya Namaha
    44. Om Shri Mahavrataya Namaha
    45. Om Shri Sadhushilaya Namaha
    46. Om Shri Sadhuvipra-prapujakaya Namaha
    47. Om Shri Ahimsayagna-prastotre Namaha
    48. Om Shri Sakarabrahmaya Namaha
    49. Om Shri Swaminarayanaya Namaha
    50. Om Shri Swamine Namaha
    51. Om Shri Kãladoshanivarakaya Namaha
    52. Om Shri Satshastravyasanaya Namaha
    53. Om Shri Sadyasamadhikaya Namaha
    54. Om Shri Krishnarcharaya Namaha
    55. Om Shri Kauladvishe Namaha
    56. Om Shri Kalitarakaya Namaha
    57. Om Shri Prakasharupaya Namaha
    58. Om Shri Nirdambhaya Namaha
    59. Om Shri Sarvajivahitavahaya Namaha
    60. Om Shri Bhaktisamposhakaya Namaha
    61. Om Shri Vagmine Namaha
    62. Om Shri Chaturvargaya Namaha
    63. Om Shri Nirmatsaraya Namaha
    64. Om Shri Bhaktavarmane Namaha
    65. Om Shri Buddhidatre Namaha
    66. Om Shri Atipavanaya Namaha
    67. Om Shri Abuddhihrute Namaha
    68. Om Shri Brahmdhamkaya Namaha
    69. Om Shri Aparajitaya Namaha
    70. Om Shri Asumudranta-satkirtaye Namaha
    71. Om Shri Shritasansrutiya Namaha
    72. Om Shri Udaraya Namaha
    73. Om Shri Sahajanandaya Namaha
    74. Om Shri Sadhvidharmaya Namaha
    75. Om Shri Kandarpadarpaya Namaha
    76. Om Shri Vaishnavakratuve Namaha
    77. Om Shri Panchayatanaya Namaha
    78. Om Shri Naishthikavrataya Namaha
    79. Om Shri Pragalbhaya Namaha
    80. Om Shri Nispruhaya Namaha
    81. Om Shri Satyapratignaya Namaha
    82. Om Shri Bhaktavatsalaya Namaha
    83. Om Shri Aroshanaya Namaha
    84. Om Shri Dirghadarshine Namaha
    85. Om Shri Shadurmimaya Namaha
    86. Om Shri Nirahankrutaye Namaha
    87. Om Shri Adrohaya Namaha
    88. Om Shri Rujave Namaha
    89. Om Shri Sarvopakarakaya Namaha
    90. Om Shri Niyamakaya Namaha
    91. Om Shri Upashamasthitaye Namaha
    92. Om Shri Vinayavate Namaha
    93. Om Shri Gurave Namaha
    94. Om Shri Ajatvairine Namaha
    95. Om Shri Nirlobhaya Namaha
    96. Om Shri Mahapurushaya Namaha
    97. Om Shri Ãtmadaya Namaha
    98. Om Shri Akhanditarshaya Namaha
    99. Om Shri Vyasasiddhantaya Namaha
    100. Om Shri Manonigrahanaya Namaha
    101. Om Shri Yamadutakaya Namaha
    102. Om Shri Purnakamaya Namaha
    103. Om Shri Satyavadine Namaha
    104. Om Shri Gunagrahine Namaha
    105. Om Shri Gatasmayaya Namaha
    106. Om Shri Sadachara-priyataraya Namaha
    107. Om Shri Punyashravanaya Namaha
    108. Om Shri Sarvamangalaya Namaha