Sri Veerabhadra Namavali




Veerabhadra is an avatar of Lord Shiva. He was created by Lord Shiva in order to teach a lesson for Lord Daksha, who had insulted Lord Shiva and avoided him to invite for an Yagna conducted by him.

Sati was the daughter of Daksha. At her younger age, due to the holiness of Lord Shiva, she loved Lord Shiva and decided to marry him. She married Lord Shiva with the displeasure of Lord Daksha. Daksha doesn’t like Lord Shiva due to his strange appearance. His holy appearance was not liked by him, and he ignored him in all kinds of activities.

Once, Daksha performed a grand yagna, by inviting all the demi gods and excluded                 Lord Shiva. But his wife Sati attended the yagna due to the affection on her father.  Daksha insulted her by speaking badly about Lord Shiva. She could not tolerate her father’s words, and hence she set immolated herself by her yogagni.

When Shiva came to know about the incidents, he created Lord Veerabhadra and Ma Bhadrakali. Veerabhadra appeared in a ferocious form along with his consort Bhadra Kali.

Shiva ordered Veerabhadra to destroy the Yagna of Daksha. He attacked all the demi gods and other devas with his powerful weapons and destroyed the entire place with the help of Bhadra Kali. Finally he chopped the head of Lord Daksha, and due to his wife’s prayers, he placed a goat’s head in the body of daksha and brought him back alive.

After fulfilling the wishes of Lord Shiva,                                Lord Veerabhadra and Ma Bhadra Kali went back to Mount Kailash, and merged with Lord Shiva. He was a great avatar of Lord Shiva, who was worshipped all over India.

We can praise Lord Veerabhadra by reciting his 108 wonderful names as given below:

  1. Om virabhadraya namah
  2. Om mahasuraya namah
  3. Om raudraya namah
  4. Om rudravatarakaya namah
  5. Om syamangaya namah
  6. Om ugradaṃstraya namah
  7. Om bhimanetraya namah
  8. Om jitendriyaya namah
  9. Om urdhvakesaya namah
  10. Om bhutanathaya namah
  11. Om khadgahastaya namah
  12. Om trivikramaya namah
  13. Om visvavyapine namah
  14. Om visvanathaya namah
  15. Om visnucakravibhanjanaya namah
  16. Om bhadrakalipataye namah
  17. Om bhadraya namah
  18. Om bhadraksabharananvitaya namah
  19. Om bhanudantabhide namah
  20. Om ugraya namah
  21. Om bhagavate namah
  22. Om bhavagocaraya namah
  23. Om candamurtaye namah
  24. Om caturbahave namah
  25. Om caturaya namah
  26. Om candrasekharaya namah
  27. Om satyapratijnaya namah
  28. Om sarvatmane namah
  29. Om sarvasaksine namah
  30. Om niramayaya namah
  31. Om nityanisthitapapaughaya namah
  32. Om nirvikalpaya namah
  33. Om niranjanaya namah
  34. Om bharatinasikacchadaya namah
  35. Om bhavarogamahabhisaje namah
  36. Om bhaktaikaraksakaya namah
  37. Om balavate namah
  38. Om bhasmoddhulitavigrahaya namah
  39. Om daksaraye namah
  40. Om dharmamurtaye namah
  41. Om daityasanghabhayankaraya namah
  42. Om patrahastaya namah
  43. Om pavakaksaya namah
  44. Om padmajaksadivanditaya namah
  45. Om makhantakaya namah
  46. Om mahatejase namah
  47. Om mahabhayanivaranaya namah
  48. Om mahaviraya namah
  49. Om ganadhyaksaya namah
  50. Om mahaghoranrsiṃhajite namah
  51. Om nisvasamarucayaya namah
  52. Om dantanispesakaraya namah
  53. Om mukharikrtadiktataya namah
  54. Om padasanghrakaya namah
  55. Om bhanukotiditaya namah
  56. Om sesabhusaya namah
  57. Om carmavasase namah
  58. Om caruhastojjvalattanave namah
  59. Om upendrendrayasakaya namah
  60. Om pattasaprasaparasobhitaya namah
  61. Om brahmanda rupaya namah
  62. Om kusmandagrahajanaya namah
  63. Om kridakandukitataya namah
  64. Om saranagasakaya namah
  65. Om yogindramandalaya namah
  66. Om sarvadevapadukaya namah
  67. Om graiveyahabhusitaya namah
  68. Om vagatitaya namah
  69. Om daksaharaya namah
  70. Om vahnijihvanikrntanaya namah
  71. Om sahasrabahave namah
  72. Om sarvajnaya namah
  73. Om saccidanandavigrahaya namah
  74. Om bhayahvayaya namah
  75. Om bhaktalokarati namah
  76. Om karunyaksaya namah
  77. Om ganadhyaksaya namah
  78. Om garvitasuradarpahrte namah
  79. Om sampatkaraya namah
  80. Om sadanandaya namah
  81. Om sarvabhistaphalapradaya namah
  82. Om nupuralankrtapadaya namah
  83. Om vyalayajnopavitakaya namah
  84. Om bhaganetraharaya namah
  85. Om dirghabahave namah
  86. Om bandhavimocakaya namah
  87. Om tejomayaya namah
  88. Om kavacaya namah
  89. Om bhrgusmasruvilumpakaya namah
  90. Om yajnapurusasirsaghnaya namah
  91. Om yajnaranyadavanalaya namah
  92. Om bhaktaikavatsalaya namah
  93. Om bhagavate namah
  94. Om sulabhaya namah
  95. Om sasvataya namah
  96. Om nidhaye namah
  97. Om sarvasiddhikaraya namah
  98. Om dantaya namah
  99. Om sakalagamasobhitaya namah
  100. Om bhuktimuktipradaya namah
  101. Om devaya namah
  102. Om sarvavyadhinivarakaya namah
  103. Om akalamrtyusaṃhartre namah
  104. Om kalamrtyubhayankaraya namah
  105. Om grahakarsanapriyaya namah
  106. Om paratantravinirbandhaya namah
  107. Om paramatmane namah
  108. Om paratparaya namah