Swastika is considered as a holy symbol of Hinduism, and it is believed that it brings prosperity and good luck, to those who keep the picture of this sacred symbol with them.

The swastika symbol is an ancient symbol and it is used as a symbol of divinity by the people belonging to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and this symbol is considered as sacred in some other foreign countries also, and this symbol would be drawn as Kolam during the performance of Hindu marriage functions, and also during house warming functions. This Symbol represents the Sun God, Lord Surya Bhagavan, and by keeping this Swastika image with us, we would get the grace of Lord Surya also.

The usage of this symbol was also mentioned in our holy Puranas, and during the times of wars, kings would carry the images of this symbol, in order to win in the war. During festivals like Diwali and Pongal, Hindu brides would draw the Swastika symbol on their hands, using various colour powders. Some people would also draw the image of Swastika in their two wheelers and cars, in order to avoid accidents and unnatural deaths. The picture of this symbol is also kept in the Hindu Households in order to chase away the evil spirits from their homes. (Stitech.edu)

Swastik is mentioned in our holy Vedas, and the meaning for the beautiful mantra is as follows:-

O Lord Vishnu, the protector of the entire universe, please save us from our troubles, and grant us a blessed life.

O Lord Mahadeva, the three eyed god, please help us to attain liberation, and please make us always to do good deeds in our life.

O our Dear Lord Indra, who is our great redeemer, please protect us from our troubles and turmoil, and after our death, please allow us to enter your holy abode, the Indra Loka.

O Pusha, the god knowledge please give good knowledge to us, and help us to grasp even the toughest subjects in an easiest manner.

O Lord Garuda Bhagavan, the fast moving  god please grant us good health and courage, in order to face any kind of challenges in our life.

This Symbol is also imprinted in kumkum, and it would be applied in homes, vehicles and also in our tables, chairs and other articles.

The swastika symbol represents calmness, discipline, success and peace.