sacred karpura

Also known as Karpura, Camphor is another very sacred plant in Hinduism. It is considered to possess immense spiritual as well as medicinal value. The Karpura is also known by sixty other names. It is considered to be a personification of the moon. It is very much popular, especially for its shine and coolness.

The Usage

The Karpura is a must for the performance of marriage rites, Havan and Yajna. The essential features of Karpura are elaborately mentioned in the Sushruta Samhita. It is also considered as very useful for the removal of bad odor from the mouth. Though drinking of juices from the trees were forbidden in the Sutras, the drinking of Soma and Karpura juices were allowed. Karpura is also worshipped, just like any other Hindu deity.   

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