The 18 Parvas Of The Great Epic Mahabharata

The 18 Parvas Of The Great Epic MahabharataThe 18 Parvas Of The Great Epic Mahabharata


Most of us are thinking that reading the great epic Mahabharata would create havoc in the lives of the readers, since some of the characters of Mahabharata like the Kauravas contain bad nature like cheating, enmity, jealously and pride. But we are forgetting about the good people like the Pandavas, our beloved Lord Krishna, Ma Draupati, Drishtadtuyumna and Bahlika. Mahabharata was written by Lord Vinayaka himself, and after finishing the great epic, he blessed Lord Vyasa, who was the narrator of Mahabharata, and also promised that whoever read the great epic Mahabharata with devotion, would be blessed with all sorts of prosperity in their lives.

Mahabharata also teaches us lot of good things which must be followed by us in our daily life, like, generosity, kindness, affection, bhakti, courage, wisdom and braveness, and apart from that, we have got the nice teachings of Lord Krishna only from the epic Mahabharata, since Bhagavat Gita forms part of Mahabharata.

Hence, instead of getting afraid of reading the most sacred work, Mahabharata, we must read it regularly with full of interest, devotion and enthusiasm.

The 18 Parvas of Mahabharata are as follows:-

  1. Adhi Parva: Mahabharata was narrated by Sage Sauti to the Rishis at Naimisaranya, and then subsequently it was recited by Sage Vaisampayana to Janamejaya.
  2. Sabha Parva: The great Mayasura builds a beautiful palace for the Pandavas at the Indraprasta kingdom. Pandavas participating in the dice game, lost their kingdom and they were about to leave from their kingdom.
  3. Vana Parva: The Twelve years of exile period spend in the forest by the Pandavas along with Ma Draupati.
  4. Virata Parva: The last one year that is the 13th year of ban period was spent by the Pandavas in the Kingdom of King Virata.
  5. Udyoga Parva: Preparations for the Kurukshetra war by the Pandavas with the help of Lord Krishna. Peace talks were held by Lord Krishna with the Kauravas, but it was ended with a failure.
  6. Bhishma Parva: The start of the Kurukshetra war headed by the great Bhishma on the side of the Kauravas. But he was defeated and fell down in the arrow bed.
  7. Drona Parva: Drona was the in-charge of the Battle, and during that time, lot of warriors were dead, on the side of both Pandavas and Kauravas.
  8. Karna Parva: The battle again took place and this time, Karna presided over the battle field, and started doing war with the Pandavas.
  9. Shalya Parva: Shalya was made as the chief of the war on the Kauravas side. Duryodana was killed by Bheema in the battle field, and the great Balarama went on to holy pilgrimages since he was disliked with the Kurukshetra war.
  10. Sauptika Parva: Ashwattama and his associates were killed lot of warriors on the side of the Pandavas during the time of their sound sleep.
  11. Stri Parva: Ma Gandhari, Ma Kunti Devi and the wives of the soldiers of the Pandavas and Kauravas began to lament on seeing the dead bodies of their dear ones.
  12. Shanti Parva: The noble advice given by Bheeshma to the newly crowned Yudhishtra with regard to the proper governance of the Kingdom.
  13. Anushasana Parva: The last and the detailed instructions given by Bheeshma to Yudhishtra with regard to the law of Dharma.
  14. Ashvamedhika Parva: Ashvameda Yagna performed by Yudhishtra with the help of Arjuna and his other brothers.
  15. Ashramavasika Parva: The old aged people of the Royal family, Ma Kunti, Gandhari and Dhritarashtra were died in a forest fire, when they were living in an Ashram in the forest. Sanjaya went to the Himalayas for performing penance on the almighty.
  16. Mausala Parva: Fight between the Yadavas, and their subsequent destruction.
  17. Mahaprasthanika Parva: Holy pilgrimage to the Himalayas by the Pandavas, and Pandavas were tested by Lord Indra.
  18. Svargarohana Parva: Pandavas went to the Svarga Loka also called as Indra Loka, since their life term in the earth was over.
  19. Harivamsa Parva: The life history of Lord Krishna which comes under the Harivamsa Parva, but it is not covered in the 18 Parvas of Mahabharata.