Urchava Moorthies



Urchava Moorthies are the replica of the main idols of the gods and goddesses in the temples, and they are usually sculpted using silver, bronze and gold metals. When compared with main idols, they usually appear smaller in size, but look very attractive and beautiful. They are used during the times of festivals and processions. The Urchava Moorthy idol is a heavy weight object, and also it is a very valuable item, in terms of sanctity and in terms of monetary value.

Urchava Moorthies are usually kept in most of the temples, and similar to the main deities, they would be decorated with flowers and flower garlands, and puja and abhishekham would be done to them. They are also placed in the chariot and in various vahanas, like Garuda, Nandi and peacock during auspicious festival days, and the temple staffs and the devotees would happily pull the chariot in order to make it to move freely inside and in the outside of the temple, and would distribute temple Prasad to the devotees with a pleasing smile.

In ancient times, when there was no scientific advancement, people used to spend their life in the temples and in the agricultural fields. Their talks would be mainly about the greatness of the almighty, temples pujas, festivals and participation in the festivals. Small children would make Shiva Lingam out of sand, and would happily clap their hands, and they would be having the habit of applying sacred ash in their fore heads.

But nowadays, people are losing their faith and interest in worshipping the god, due to their day to day problems in their life. Since some people are very much interested to earn money even by way of illegal ways, they are stealing the Urchava Moorthy idols from the temples, and selling it to the foreign countries, and getting lot of money. They are not realizing that doing such an act would cause big problems for them in their future. Stealing an idol is similar to kidnapping an innocent child. Wrong doers would be severely punished by the almighty, and in their next birth, they would be born as a blind, or mentally challenged people. Similar to that, some of the other religious people are making fun of our deities, and also they are touching our holy Urchava Moorthy idols without any purity in their mind, and they are also insulting our Holy mother Mata Shakti Devi, by way of criticizing her, and also laughing at her, without knowing about her supreme powers.

Since, the great almighty is safeguarding us in our daily life, similar to that, let us try to preserve our precious and holy urchava moorthy idols kept in the temples, and be blessed.