Valedictory Address

Valedictory Address


_"OY"z \"Q$ R"X"| E"Z$ _\"pRY"pY"pSX"p T"øX"Q#$

_"OY"pß" T"øX"{QO"\Y"X"o$ R"X"pêß" T"øX"{QO"\Y"X"o$

@s¡ðp“pß" T"øX"{QO"\Y"X"o$ W"tOY"v S" T"øX"{QO"\Y"X"o$

_\"pRY"pY"T"ø\"E"S"pWY"pz S" T"øX"{QO"\Y"X"o :1:

Satyam vad. Dharmam char. Swadhyayanmaa Pramadah.

Satyaan Pramaditavyam. Dharmaan Pramaditavyam. Kushalaan

Pramidtavyam. Bhutyae na Pramaditavyam. Swadhyayapravachanaabhyam

na Pramaditavyam.

Speak what is true. Do your duties. Continue, without neglect,

the daily study of the Veda. Do not swerve from Truth and

Dharma, and do something useful in the social economy. Achieve

greatness, and do not fail to refresh your memory in respect of

what you have learnt.