Vandana To The Parabrahman

`Zr g, `Zr g, `Zr g, `Zr g$

Hari om, Hari om, Hari om, Hari om

g T"tNpêX"Q#, T"tNpê{X"Qz, T"tNppêO", T"tNpêQEY"O"u$

T"tNpê_Y", T"tNpêX"pQpY", T"tNpêX"u\"p\"{ðp^Y"O"u :`Zr g$

Om, Purna-madah, Purna-midam, Purnata, Purna-mudachyate,

Purnasya, Purna-madaya, Purnam-eva-vashishyate. Hari Om.

That is perfect. This is perfect. Out of perfect only perfect comes. Even after taking

perfect out of perfect, that is perfect which remains.

òê^"p\"p_Y"p{X"Qz _"\"|, Y"[O@z¡E" G"BpOY"pX"o G"BpO"o$

O"uS" OY"×O"uS" W"tzG"rP"p#, X"p BpwR"# @¡_Y"p[_\"QoR"S"X"$

Ishavasyam-idam-sarvam, Yat-kincha-jagatyam-jagat,

Tena-tyak-tena-bhunji-thah, Ma-gridhah-kasyasa-viddhanam

All this whatsoever moves in this universe including the universe, itself moving, is

indwelt or pervaded or enveloped or clothed by the Lord.

That renounced, thou shouldst enjoy. Covet not any body’s wealth

Y"zV"øÏ"p \"àNpuSç àç X"àO"#, _O"sS\"[SO" {Q\Y"v _O"\"v$

\"uQv# _"pŒT"Q+¡X"puT"{S"^"Qv, BppY"[SO" Y"X"o _"pX"Bpp#$

Yam-Brahma-Varunendra-Rudra-Marutah, Stunvanti-divyaye-stavaye,

Vedayeh-sanga-pada-kramo-pani-shadair, Gayanti-yam-samagah.

Salutations to that God whom Brahma, Varuna, Indra, Rudra, and Marut praise with

divine hymns, whom the singers of Sama Veda invoke by the vedas