Vardhamana Mahavira



Mahavira also popularly called as Vardhamana Mahavira was one of the Tirthankaras of Jainism. He has taken his avatar before 2600 years, and he was born in a rich family in the present day Bihar in India. Similar to Buddha, at his young age, he also left his home with empty handed, in order to get spiritual enlightenment in his life. He had performed meditation for several years, and due to that, he has received the blessings of the almighty, and he began to preach his nice teachings amongst the people. Soon through his wonderful teachings, large number of people were become his followers, and they began to spread the Golden messages of Mahavira amongst the masses.

Now, his followers are belonged to the Jain community, and they would never eat non vegetarian food and drinks like alcohol, and they are considered as strict vegetarians. Most of the Jains are following the principles of Lord Mahavira, and due to that, they are living a very comfortable life. Temples of Mahavira can be found all over India, and if we spent some time in those temples, we would get good mental peace and we would be relieved from worldly pleasures.

Some of the golden quotes of Lord Mahavira are as follows:-

  1. Always speak truth in your life.
  2. Observe strict chastity in order to become a Holy Jain Monk
  3. Don’t even think about stealing others property.
  4. Live your life like a lotus leaf, which would never get attached with the water in the pond.
  5. Do not injure or insult any living being in the world.
  6. Consider others similar to you, and show your love and affection on everybody in this earth.
  7. Don’t kill even the tiny insects like ants, and provide food like sugar and rice even to those tiny insects.
  8. Don’t kill animals and birds just for filling up your own belly, treat it similar to your own child, and show your compassion on them.
  9. Remember if we cause any harm to other living beings, we would also have to suffer similarly in the near future.
  10. Karma is the root cause of our all problems, and hence let you burn your bad karmas by doing lot of good things in your life.
  11. Do not cheat others.
  12. Dig your bad habits like Anger, lust and greed and instead of that, develop good habits like unity, honesty, friendship, love and affection and help others as much as possible.
  13. Live and allow others also to live peacefully in this world.
  14. We should consider all people as alike irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion.
  15. Consider everyone as your friends, and don’t develop enmity on others.
  16. Always share your excess money with the poor and the down trodden people.
  17. Follow the path of Dharma.
  18. Self-control must be necessarily adopted by everyone, in order to stop committing bad acts.