Veda Patasalas



Veda Patasalas are founded for teaching Vedic subjects to the students, and it was founded before few centuries, and still in some places, new Veda Patasalas are constructed for the benefit of the students, who have interest in learning Vedic subjects.

Vedas acts a backbone for Hinduism. As per the principles of Hinduism, Vedas are considered as very sacred similar to the holy Puranas. Recitation of Vedas was done by the ancient sages, and due to that, they have got great powers. Mata Gayatri Devi, the consort of Lord Brahma is considered to be the deity of Vedas, and through her grace, the significance of Vedas is flourishing in our country day by day. As per legend, Lord Brahma holds the four Vedas, Rig, Yajur, Atharvana and Sama in his hands. With the help of the holy Vedas, he has created the entire universe.

Most of the Brahmin priests and pundits have learned Vedas, and they are educating their children in the Vedic subjects, by admitting them in the Veda Patasala institutions. Most of the Veda Patasalas are offering free Vedic education for the students, and they are also providing free boarding and lodging to the children. With the help of the donations received from the kind hearted donors, they are able to render this kind of noble service to the young children.

Most of the Veda Patasalas are investing the donations received from the public in banks in the form of fixed deposits. And with the interest derived from the FD’s they are maintaining the day to day expenses of the institution. We can also generously donate money to Veda Patasalas, since by doing so, we are helping the Brahmin children as well as we would get the divine grace of Lord Brahma and Mata Gayatri Devi.

In TTD, Veda Patasalas are functioning in a well versed manner, and they are able to run the institution with the money received from the donors. During our birth day or wedding day, we can also donate things like provisions, dhotis and sweets to the Veda Patasalas.