Vyasa Vandana


S"X"_O"sO"u \Y"p_" {\"ðpp“ V"s«u$ Us¡Ú“pZ {\"SQpY" Y"OT"e" S"uue"u$

Y"uS"O\"Y"p W"pZO" O"v“ T"tNpê#$ T"øG\"p{“O"pu c"pS"X"Y"# T"øQrT"#$

Namastute-vyasa-vishal-budhe, Phullar-vindaya-yat-patra-netre.

Yena-tvaya-bharat-taila-purnah, Prajvalito-gyanmayah-pradipah

Salutations unto thee, O Vyasa, whose intellect is vast,

whose eyes are as large as the petals of a full-blown lotus,

by whom was lighted the lamp of wisdom, full of the Mahabharata oil (essence)

\Y"p_"pY" {\"^Npsá¡T"pY", \Y"p_" á¡T"pY" {\"ðp\"v$

S"X"pu \"v V"øÏ"{S"R"Y"u, \"{ðp^K>pY" S"X"pu S"X"#$

Vyasaya-vishnu-rupaya, Vyasa-rupaya-vishvaye,

Namo-vaye-Brahma-nidhaye, Vashishthaya-namo-namah.

We salute Vishnu in the form of Vyasa, and Vyasa in the form of Vishnu, who is the

embodiment of the wealth of knowledge, and belongs to the lineage of Vashishtha

g _"`S"p\"\"O"s, _"`S"pv W"sS"×O"s, _"`\"rY"ê @¡Z\"p\"`v$

O"uG"[_\"S"p\" R"rO"X"_O"s, X"p {\"{«^"p\"`v$

g ðpp[SO"# ðpp[SO"# ðpp[SO"#

Om, Sahana-vavatu, Sahanau-bhunaktu, Saha-virya-karva-vahaye,

Tejasvi-nava-dhi-tamastu, Ma-vidvisha-vahaye.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Om, May Lord protect us, May He cause us to enjoy,

May we exert together,

May our studies be thorough and faithful,

May we never quarrel with each other.

Om Peace Peace Peace

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