Hinduism- A way of life

Hinduism known as Sanathana Dharma or Law Eternal is a way of life and has been in existence since the timeless beginning. The word Sanatana means ancient; it also means eternal or everlasting. Hence, the word Sanatana is defined as that which is old and at the same time ever new. It is ancient yet ever fresh, ever relevant transcending time and age. The people who had inhabited the land, which is called Bhaarat, Hindustan or India since thousands of years constituted a society, which is very ancient (Sanaatana). The way of life they had evolved came to be known as Sanatana Dharma. The religion has its roots in the Vedas which are believed to have originated along with the dawn of creation. Hence, Hinduism is also referred to as Vaidika dharma or Vedic religion. The Vedas deal with a variety of subjects from the mundane to the lofty. There is nothing that has been left uncovered, for the Vedas deal with all subjects- astrology, astronomy, architecture, medicine, art, music, dance, martial arts, yoga, food, health, poetry, literature and the list goes on. There are hymns and mantras for every occasion and every ritual. The valuable knowledge disseminated by the Vedas is not for any particular region, religion, people, period or place. It is universal and transcends all barriers. That makes its relevance eternal.  They are authentic and fool proof as many scientific studies conducted on the theories propounded in these Scriptures show us.

God is called Brahman and is impersonal without form, shape or attributes, who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He transcends time and space and can be worshipped as the Supreme consciousness or Paramatma, as Light or Love. When God is viewed as a Personal Being he is called variously as Iswara or Bhagawan. He manifests as an image or Murti, idol or icon, which is viewed as a personification of Divinity. God is invoked through mantras, rituals, chants, Pujas, bhajans, songs etc, in short anything that lets a devotee tune in to thoughts of divinity and helps him focus his mind. He is worshipped out of love not fear. This is a unique aspect of Hinduism. His glory cannot be fathomed though we get glimpses through the outpourings of His saints and devotees. So how do we actually reach him? Do we keep coming back to earth again and again or is there just one life ordained for us. All these aspects are covered in detail in this section Way of Life. Come, let us explore aspects of this fascinating religion.