Welcoing Mata Lakshmi to our homes



Everyone belongs to Hinduism, would be keeping their gates open especially during Friday evenings, in order to welcome the divine mother Mata Lakshmi Devi to their homes. This system is prevailed since ancient times, and during the ancient periods, people would decorate their houses during Fridays, perform Lakshmi puja and chant the divine mantras of Mata Lakshmi Devi, and spread the divine Prasad in their puja room for welcoming the holy mother Lakshmi Devi.

But nowadays, due to the changing situations, and the difficulties faced by the people in the present trend, the householders are not that much interested in performing puja specifically on Fridays. Some people would be having the doubt in their mind, that really whether the divine goddess Lakshmi would enter into their homes on Fridays! But Mata Lakshmi is already dwelling in the homes of all of her sincere devotees and also in their hearts, and there is no need to get doubts regarding her presence on Fridays.

Since the day Friday is auspicious for Mata Lakshmi, and since she is the wealth goddesses, we are eagerly welcoming her to our homes. Nowadays, the divine deities are not revealing their appearances, and only in some cases, they would give some symptoms of their divine presence. Seeing the god in our normal eyes is not possible, since we are all humans, and we could not see the shining divine vision of the deities in our human eyes.

But still now, the famous saints Shirdi Baba and Raghavendra swamy are visiting the homes of their sincere devotees in some other forms, and giving the holy Prasad and blessing their devotees. The famous saint Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, had mentioned in his book “Autobiography of a yogi”, that once he had the divine vision of Lord Krishna, and he received his blessings. Similar to that several other saints had witnessed the presence of the god within their souls. For the great saints, seeing the god is possible, but for us, it is very difficult to get the vision of the god. If we have enough spiritual powers and if we remove our bad habits like ego, lust and anger, and develop faith on the almighty, definitely we would get the division of the almighty. Especially, we can see the divine vision of goddess Mata Lakshmi Devi in our homes, by performing meditation and worshipping her sincerely.

Let us worship the holy mother Ma Lakshmi Devi throughout our life and be blessed.