Worship Is Never A Waste




Our sincere worship to the almighty would never go waste. It would act as a protective shield and would safeguard us in difficult circumstances. Worshipping the god is recommended in all the religions, and Christians have to compulsorily visit the churches and must attend the prayer. Similarly Muslims are doing worship for five times a day. These two religious people are sincerely doing their duties, and they are never finding their worship as a waste of time, and most of them are never finding fault with the god, and they are also not blaming him for their sufferings and sorrows in their lives.

But for Hindus, there are no prescribed norms for worshipping the god. It all depends on the interest of the people to worship the god. Some Hindus would ignore the worship, by mentioning their small, small sufferings in their lives. Some people would even throw the pictures of the deities in the dust bins, if they lose their near and dears in their lives. But the other religious people would never do like that, they would develop strong bondage on the almighty and would sincerely worship them even if they face severe hardships in their lives.

In case of doing regular worship, Hindus must learn it from other religious people, and similar to eating our breakfast, we have to worship the god also at least during the morning hours. God is always dwelling in our hearts, hearing our cries and also standing in front of us only. But due to our ignorance, we are unable to find him with our naked eyes. If we develop sincere bhakti on him, and if we do regular prayers, then definitely, he would listen to our problems, and give solutions for that.

Similar to scolding with our parents, we cannot do like that with the great almighty, since he is very powerful, and he only created us. We must have to beg for his mercy and must seek his help, and must move with him like his obedient servant. We can also treat him as our dearest friend, and can talk to him, whenever we feel loneliness in our life. We should always remember the golden proverbs,