Vedas are the oldest authoritative scriptures of Hinduism. Vedic knowledge is based on divine assertions received by the ancient seers in their metaphysical state. They were in a state of communion with the divine when the highest knowledge was revealed to them as they undertook severe penance for thousands of years. This was passed on to their disciples in an oral tradition. Vedic knowledge was thus transmitted to generations of men by word of mouth. The written tradition began after Europeans discovered the grandeur of the mystic, mysterious East. Thus began a history of recording these sacred utterances. Yet what is available today sadly is a fraction of the original. Even this has not been explored to the fullest; such is the depth of the content contained in the Vedas.

Vedic Scriptures- Ancient yet Scientific

The Vedas deal with a variety of subjects from the mundane to the lofty. There is nothing that has been left uncovered for the Vedas deal with all subjects- astrology, astronomy, architecture, medicine, art, music, dance, martial arts, yoga, food, health, poetry, literature and the list goes on. There are hymns and mantras for every occasion and every ritual. The valuable knowledge disseminated by the Vedas is not for any particular region, religion, people, period or place. It is universal and transcends all barriers. That makes its relevance eternal. They are authentic and fool proof as many scientific studies conducted on the theories propounded in these Scriptures show us.

Preserving the legacy

There were various universities and schools that sought to spread this knowledge among generations of men. Unfortunately many like the ancient University of Nalanda have been ravaged by marauding invaders during their period of rule in our country. It is our sacred duty to preserve what remains of this precious legacy and pass it on to posterity.

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