Ayurvedic food

In Ayurveda, the act of consuming food is equal to performing a sacrifice. Here the stomach represents the sacrificial altar and food which is to be consumed symbolizes the offerings of sacrifice.  This thought, that is ‘the act of eating likened to performing a sacrifice’ is explained in the following verse,

हिताभिर्जुहुयान्नित्यमन्तरग्निं समाहितः ।

अन्नपानसमिद्भिर्ना मात्राकालौ विचारयन् ॥

Hitabhirjuhuyannityamantaragnim samahitah | Annapanasamidbhirna matrakalau vicarayan ||

Caraka 1.27.345

One should offer regularly oblation of wholesome food and drinks to the stomach with due consideration to quantity and time; just like performing a sacrifice. The word antaragni is used for stomach which evokes the sense of internal fire. According to Ayurveda, antaragni is the cause for the entire digestion process.

Hence one should bear in mind that the food which is going to be eaten is for the nourishment of the physical body which is the strongest medium to achieve the Purusharthas or the goals of life and so it is very important.