Chanakya Neethi



Chanakya was a highly knowledgeable person and he served as a minister to Chandragupta. He was also called as Kautilya, and he is well known for his cleverness and he is the one, who has written the popular political text the Arthashastra, during 3rd century BC. He is a great scholar and was an expert in all kinds of arts, and he lived in the present day Patna at Bihar. He contains very good qualities, and he was praised by the kings as the “UNIVERSAL GURU”, during his period.

Through his valuable advices, the Maurya Empire flourished.  Chanakya fondly served to Chandragupta and his son Bindusara.

The Chanakya Neethi also known as his valuable teachings are as follows:

  1.  I salute the great Almighty Lord Vishnu, and I would offer my daily prayers to him.
  2. Through the grace of Lord Vishnu, I am able to live in this world in a noble manner, and I have learnt the divine subjects only through his blessings.
  3. A person before learning the Holy Scriptures must be able to find out to differentiate between good and the bad people, and must possess cleverness in judging the people’s behaviour.
  4. Simply learning the divine scriptures alone is not enough. He has to spread the importance of scriptures among others, and must share his knowledge with others.
  5. Before starting a new work, think twice, thrice and then proceed further.
  6. Teach the subjects only to clever people and don’t teach it to fool and wicked people.
  7. Your disciple must immediately hear your words and obey the orders.
  8. Having relationship with a dishonest wife, a cruel friend, and an indecent servant is like living in the company of tigers.
    9. Keep sufficient wealth for you and your family, and also spend your excess money on helping others.
  9. Do not stay in your relative’s house for more than three days, since you would not get proper treatment if you stay beyond that period.
  10. Don’t tell your secrets even to your wife, children and to your parents. Instead of that, tell your secrets in front of the god, since god is the only best companion for you.
  11. Nothing would come along with you expect your good karmic deeds.
  12. Don’t show too much attachment and affection on anyone. Instead of that, show your 100% attachment on god, since he would never leave you alone during troubles.
  13. Keep the main important thing in your mind, that is, god is always good.
  14. Even during your sleep be alert, since at any time, anything may happen!
  15. Strengthen your mind and body, and be like a lion during your fights with your enemies.
  16. Approach a learned guru, and properly learn the subjects from him by showing your sincerity and Guru Bhakti.
  17. Time lost cannot be brought again, and hence spend your time valuably.