One of the most vibrant and positive modes of alternative therapy is Energy Healing (aura and chakra healing). Healing by attaining spiritual methodologies expands the usage of energy through the deployment of color and light. The bondage of the body from physical afflictions and limitations are broken through Energy Healing application.

Energy Healing is modernistic and unique in nature. Integrated meditation and exercise which compliments other similar healing methods is the true characteristic of this healing system.

Introduction to Energy Healing

Energy healing channelizes positive energy flow through corrective courses for any disturbances. It directly influences ‘human energy field’ or ‘aura’ and enhances self-healing capacity. This method of healing has been directly adopted from the evolution of similar traditional practices.

Energy healing works directly with the energetic level of life

Three basic dimensions of life i.e. physical, mental and emotional have their own unique energy patterns. Energy Healing holistically diagnoses and corrects these deeper energy channels and ensures optimum flow of positive energy.

The Human Energy Field

The above mentioned facets of human existence may be alternately named as ‘subtle bodies’. The design pattern of energy flow in the human physiology i.e. ‘energy anatomy’ exists in multiple layers and exchange of energy takes place amongst these layers. This ‘aura’ is positively influenced through Energy Healing methods.

Energy Healing as part of Energy Medicine

Energy Healing is simply a specialized field of ‘energy medicine’. Skilful usage of sound, light, herbs, and crystals are combined as ‘energy medicines’, owing to the inherent ‘vibratory patterns’ in them. Exchange of skilful usage of ‘energy medicine’ takes place between the practitioner (healer) and the recipient (healee) through interaction.

Examples of Energy Healing methods

Some of the distinct examples of Energy Healing methods are as follows –

  1. Prayer – Praying and chanting positively affect energy fields of the body when applied in combination with meditation.
  2. Acupuncture – Through the skilful puncturing of acupuncture points in the body, defunct energy flow may be rectified and positive energy flow enhanced in the human body.
  3. Acupressure – Proper usage of optimum pressure on particular pressure points accelerates the flow of subtle energy in the human body.
  4. Reflexology – Also known as Zone therapy, this western method of healing clears and opens up energy channels which run parallel to each other throughout the body.
  5. Aromatherapy – Through expert usage of essential oils, herbs and essences, energy fields may be positively affected.
  6. Geopathic Science – The geographical energy moving in and around the Earth’s atmosphere may be directed to positively affect the energy field of the human body.
  7. Applied Kinesiology – Through movements and testing of muscles.
  8. Machines – As a result of many years of experience, many practitioners of Energy Healing have developed numerous tools and devices to enhance the medicinal effects of Energy Healing. Examples: ionic foot baths, computron, QXCI, vega, Voll (EAV), Hulda Clark zappers, vibe machine, vibration tables etc.
  9. Others – Yoga, Chanting, Tai Chi chi kung, Sufi dancing, Polarity, Craniosacral work, Therapeutic touch, Feldenkreis work, some forms of Meditation, Chakra balancing, imagery and visualization techniques.

Theory of Energy Medicine

The Chakra system or the energy field pattern is positively influenced by following prescribed concepts:

  1. Subtle energies need proper balancing to ensure optimum health.
  2. External influences such as human contact or skilful devices can positively balance and rejuvenate human energy fields.
  3. Resonance – Harmony between the healer/healing agent and the recipient.
  4. Induction – Energy vibrations sent out by the healer/healing agent may maneuver similar vibes in the recipient.
  5. Entrainment – Entraining one’s energy field with another positive energy disseminator has therapeutic affect on the recipient.
  6. There are no spatial limitations for exchange or interaction between two energy fields.

Basic principles of Energy Healing

Some of the basic principles of energy healing are as follows:

  1. Everything has an energy component.
  2. Energy influence thought process.
  3. Perception is affected by inherent energy field.
  4. Changes in human energy field are expressed through the human body.
  5. Uninhibited flowing of human energy facilitates healing.
  6. A person after enhancing his own energy field may direct those positive energies to another person.
  7. Smooth flow of energy ensures symmetry and balance in life.
Published On: 24-02-2014