Guru Raghvendra Suprabhatam



Suprabhatam, is a collection of verses which would be recited early in the morning in order to awaken the almighty every day.

The Guru Raghavendra Suprabhatam was very popular among Sri Raghavendra devotees, and also among the Madhwa Brahmin community people, and daily morning they used to switch on their music player in order to hear the wonderful Suprabhatam of their great Guru.

Guru Raghavendra is a great Madhwa saint, and he is showering his grace to all of his devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion. He is in Jeeva Samadhi in Mantralayam and blesses all of his devotees in a marvellous manner. Those who hear this Suprabhatam would attain all kinds of prosperity in this earth, and they would be permanently blessed by Guru Raghavendra.

The contents contained in the suprabhatam are as follows:-

O Guru Raghavendra! The Great Son of Dimmanna, and the best among the saints; please wake up to offer the early morning prayers to your beloved Lord Vishnu.

Awake! O Guru Raghavendra! Who is like the lion among the learned scholars; please leave your sleep in order to protect your devotees and to bring prosperity to the entire Universe.

Ma Saraswati, the goddess of education is permanently staying in your tongue, and she makes you to become brighter in Vedic studies day by day; O my dear Guru and the best devotee of Lord Vishnu! I offer my early morning prayers to you.

O Guru Raghavendra, you are the divine Deva Sangukarnar, who had incarnated in this earth in order to bring good changes in the lives of your devotees. Please wake up in order to perform puja in your hands to Lord Rama.

O Guru Raghavendra! You are the great Bhagavata Bhakta Prahalada, and those who worships you, would get the immense blessings of Lord Narasimha also. All the deities like Lord Brahma, Shiva, Muruga and others are surrounding you, and offering their abundant blessings on you.

O Guru Raghavendra The morning breeze is very cool, and the birds are raising wonderful music, we are wishing a very good morning to you.

O Guru Raghavendra your Puja vessels are properly washed, and it is your turn to perform puja to Moola Rama with these pure vessels, in your lotus hands, we wish you a good morning to you.

When you have incarnated as Vyasaraja in your previous birth, Sage Narada had incarnated as Puranada Dasa and become your sincere disciple.

O Guru Raghavendra, please shower your grace on all of the sufferers in this world, and everyone is waiting to have your divine glimpse on this early morning.

O Guru Raghavendra, you are the ocean of good qualities, and with your blessings only, we would be able to cross the ocean of Samsara, and can acquire the knowledge of Vedas, please wake up in order to blossom the world.

O Guru Raghavendra! Even the divine Devas are praising your glories, and admiring your beauty. We offer our early morning prayers to you.

The sun has started appearing in the skies, and the temple bell is ringing. The holy Madhwas and all of your sincere devotees are waiting to sing precious songs on you. Let this morning be glorious to you.

O Guru Raghavendra, Priests and Brahmins are singing your songs and they are waiting to see your divine presence. Please wake up and bless your devotees.

O Guru Raghavendra! You have helped the world by your various avatars. We wish you a very Good morning to you.

O Raghavendra, Kalpavriksha, Kamadhenu, you are granting the wishes of those who surrender at your feet. A fine morning to you my beloved Guru!

Morning wishes to you O Guru Raghavendra! You are like the divine Guru Brihaspati, and you got good qualities like compassion, Love etc. You are the Guru of the Gurus, and the Saint of the Saints!  All of us seek refuge on your lotus feet. Good morning to you.

O Guru Raghavendra! You are giving salvation to your devotees, and relieve them from the chain of re-births. We offer our early morning prayers to you.

Your devotees having been purified by the dust of your feet, and just by merely reciting your name at least for one time, all of their sins would be washed out.

O Guru! All the nine planets, (Surya, Chandra, Angaraka, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Sani, Rahu, Kethu) are wondering about your super natural powers, and about your good qualities, and they are ready to grant boons to all of your sincere devotees.

O Guru Raghavendra! During your Prahalad avatar, you have sincerely worshipped Lord Vishnu, like his divine vehicle Garuda and his divine bed Adisesha.

O the great Guru! By worshipping you, we would get the grace of the demi gods, like Indra and Kubera, and also by all other holy Rishis.

Glory to you O the Divine Guru! We are all eagerly waiting to your abode at Mantralayam.

O Guru Raghavendra! You are the fulfiller of wishes and the giver of all the desired boons to your devotees. Let this early morning bring glory to you.