Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda




The Gita Govinda is a popular work which was composed by Jayadeva, who lived in Odisha during the 12th century AD. In this work, he mentions the relationship between Lord Krishna, Ma  Radha and the gopikas (female cow herds) of  Vrindavana.

The Gita Govinda mentions the significance of Lord Krishna and Radha, along with the Gopika devotees.
The work mentions the divine love of Lord Krishna and Ma Radha, the small clashes happened between them, and again uniting with each other, and it tells the true and wonderful love between them. The poem had been translated into most of the Indian regional languages and also in many other foreign languages.

Gita Govinda is an ancient text, written in praise of Lord Krishna in which Jayadeva mentions the grace showered by Lord Krishna towards his dear ones, through his divine touch. Ancient poets were praised about the beautiful work of Jayadeva, and they considered him as a messenger of Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from the poem are as follows:

Oh Lord Krishna! You are the supreme master and your love and affection shown on Ma Radha Rani and the Gopikas, cannot be explained in words, and through your grace, they have attained the everlasting spiritual bliss.

Oh Lord Krishna! Through your wonderful Leelas you are making your devotees to get addicted on you, and through your lovely speech, they have become speechless.

Oh Lord Krishna! The love showered by you on your devotees is like that of the love showered by a mother on her child.

Oh Lord Krishna! Your presence is everywhere and anywhere, but only your true devotees can see your physical presence.

Oh Lord Krishna! By uttering the Krishna Mantra, “Jai Sri Krishna”, all of our worries had been removed from our lives, and we have become very cheerful and wonderful.

Oh Lord Krishna! Similar to the love showered on the Gopikas, please shower your love and affection on us, and please help us to reach your holy feet.

Oh Lord Krishna! Even the divine devas in the heaven cannot fully understand about your significance, since you are the chief among all other gods.


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