Jyotish and Birth chart

The Science of studying the effects of planetary movements on the lives of human beings is called Astrology. At any given point of time astrologers need to derive correct planetary position and zodiac star sign position corresponding to any place on earth. Based on the position of the planet and star sign, astrologers can predict a particular moment by drawing a chart. Principally, astrology throws light on individuals’ situation in life and helps them mentally prepare for the upcoming challenges and changes in life.

How does Indian Astrology differ from other forms of Astrology?

Western Astrology – Recognized as one of the most ancient astrology of the world, Indian Astrology is the most widely used form of Astrology in the world. Indian Astrology is quite different from the Western Astrology in the sense that Indian astrologers make rich use of constellations as evident in the sky. The chart is based on the date and place of the birth and hence is completely different from the one used by the Western astrologers.

Chinese Astrology – Indian Astrology also differs completely from Chinese Astrology as Chinese Astrology is based on the year of one’s birth. It considers the sixty year circle of time with each year of birth linked to this circle. As per the Chinese Astrology, people who are born in the same animal year share similar attributes and characteristics.

In Indian Astrology, people born under same zodiac signs have similar traits and characteristics; however this concept is more authenticated and tries to bring out more accurate results of marital compatibility and personal and career predictions, etc.

Vedic Astrology / Jyotish

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is considered as one of the six disciplines of Vedanta. Jyótis originates from the Sanskrit meaning ‘light, brightness’, in plural it also means ‘the heavenly bodies, planets and stars’. Traditionally, Jyotish has been the part of a nonstop ‘holistic’ approach of abiding by the spiritual practice within the Hindu way of life.

Being an instructional element of Rig Veda, Jyotish is termed as Vedanga i.e. the ‘body part’ of the Vedas. The ‘grahas’ or planets influence the lives of living beings on earth by moulding their destinies. One’s Karma (past, present and future actions and deeds) determines the fortune or misfortune in one’s life. Thus, Jyotish helps people to discover the past, present and future of their lives.

Basic Principles

Vedic principles upon which the concept of Jyotish is based are as follows

  • As per Vedic philosophy everything is pre-planned and is determined by a prearranged celestial design.
  • A person’s life is just part of this whole in which he is born.
  • A person is a soul incarnating in a mortal body at a specific time and place.
  • Vedic astrology gives more emphasis on Sun than on moon. Since moon represents mind it determines how one perceive things and interacts with the outer world.
  • Vedic Astrology gives greater emphasis on a person’s relationship compatibility with the outer world.

Importance of Birth Charts

A birth chart or janam kundali is prepared and studied by using one’s date and time of birth. It is basically a map of planets in the zodiac signs. The ‘birth chart’ is also called ‘natal chart’. This chart helps understand what is crucial in one’s life. It determines what one is attracted towards and what one has aversion for. It gives enough space for modification of flaws and imbalances in life.

Important components that form a birth chart are as follows –

Dashas or Predictive time – A predictive timeline throughout which a particular heavenly body will predominate an individual’s life

Rahu – Ascending Lunar Node (symbolic to a snake that swallows the sun/moon causing eclipses)

Ketu – Descending Lunar Node (referred to as a ‘shadow’ planet)

Nakshatra or Constellations – A collective set of stars that emerge to form shapes in the sky. For example the zodiac signs are a group of 12 constellations along the ecliptic. These constellations are:

o   Aquarius – the water bearer

o   Pisces – the fish

o   Aries – the ram

o   Taurus – the bull

o   Gemini – the twins

o   Cancer – the crab

o   Leo – the lion

o   Virgo – the virgin

o   Libra – the scales

o   Scorpio – the Scorpion

o   Sagittarius – the archer

o   Capricorn – the goat

When a planet travels across a particular zodiac sign, it gets affected by the stars belonging to that particular constellation.

Traits And Characteristics Of Different Planets

1st Sun One’s self, general prosperity, basic self expression, health and well being, personality, physical constitution,
2nd Jupiter, Mercury Gathering / preserving resources, speech, livelihood, financial success through career /hardwork. Demonstrates tastes, in food, art /poetry and communication abilities,express emotions.
3rd Mars and Mercury Power, curiosity, friends, basic life energy, motivation, intentions and impulses that drive us. Ambition, passion, will, zeal, rashness, impulsiveness, aptitude for sports
4th Moon happiness, property, mind, upbringing, education, sensitivity, popularity, land acquisition, refinement,  capacity to relax
5th Jupiter intelligence, creative speculation, credit, games, education, romance, children, spiritual practices, general creativity
6th Mars and Saturn work and service, pets, health and disease, immune system,  resistance to illness, foreigners, enemies, capacity for hard labour, effort, ability to overcome physical obstacles / enemies
7th Venus and Jupiter generally cordial relationships with others, long term romantic relationships
8th Saturn longevity, research, destruction / regeneration of any sort, mortality, sex, death, the occult, dark / hidden side of life
9th Jupiter religious, dharma (life purpose), philosophical or ethical principles, grace
10th Mercury, Jupiter, Sun skill, success, career, politics, public status, material achievement
11th Jupiter ability to project intelligence before the world, goals and aspirations, financial and material gains, friendship, impulse, abundance and excess
12th Saturn , Ketu wastage of energy, loss, liberation, decrease, subconscious, hidden nature



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