Narsimha Stuthi



When Hiranya Kasipu tried various ways to destroy his son Prahladha, he has escaped from him, due to the grace of Lord Vishnu. Finally Lord Vishnu took the Narasimha avatar and killed Hiranya Kasipu, and saved Prahalada from the clutches of his father. After getting the darshan of Lord Narasimha, Prahlada had humbly stood before him, and offered his sincere prayers to him, and chanted the Narasimha Stuti. The following are the contents present in the Narasimha Stuti:

How you have mercifully saved me, even I was born in the clan of demons.
Oh the great Lord Narasimha, you have been worshipped by the gods, goddesses and by the sages.

I am surrendering my body and soul to you, you are the merciful god.
Please make me to become pure and perfect in this world.

Oh my Lord, I am not at all afraid of your ferocious Narasimha Avatar,
since I am one of your sincere devotees,
and I would get delighted even if you appear in any other ferocious form. But I am afraid of this continuous cycle of births and deaths,
and hence, I want you to grant me salvation.

I would like to always serve you in your Vaikunta like the Divine bird Garuda, and the Divine serpent bed, Adisesha.

Oh Narasimha, in case if you neglect me in future, then who else would safeguard me
and remove my sufferings in my life?

All the human beings are being created for some purpose only, and we must properly utilise our birth, by chanting the names of the god, singing his songs, and remembering him throughout our lives.

Oh Lord, I don’t like to enjoy the worldly pleasures in the world, since these are highly perishable in nature. I want to dwell only in your lotus feet permanently.

Oh God, have pity on me, and make me to remember you for ever in my life.

Only by doing divine service, we can attain the eternal spiritual bliss, and when our desires are increasing day by day, we would never reach the abode of the god.

Oh Lord Narasimha, You saved me from my father, and made me as a king of a big kingdom. I offer my sincere thanks to you, and I would always keep you in my soul, and would worship you from my soul.

Oh my God, you are the one, who creates, protects and destroys the entire universe. For you, there is no beginning or end.

Oh the great Lord Narasimha, please remove the sins of the people in the earth and make them to concentrate on you, in order to attain salvation.

Oh Lord Narasimha, you are the god of the gods, and you contain very good qualities. Please remove the illusions of the people in the earth, and make them to travel in the Bhakti path.