Sri Hanuman Bhujangam




Hanuman Bhujanga stotram is written by Sri Adishankara, and it contains the praises about Lord Hanuman. In the great epic Ramayana, next to Rama and Sita, Lord Hanuman occupies the main character. In his childhood itself, he contains great powers, and once by considering the sun god as the fruit, he flew in the skies and tried to catch Lord Surya, without having any fear on his mind. He was blessed by the gods like Brahma, Indra and Shiva, and they have granted lot of boons to him.

Without the timely help of Lord Hanuman, searching the place of Ma Sita, and killing of the demon Ravana would become very difficult. Though he is considered as a Shiva Avatar, yet, he still remains as a humble servant to Lord Rama. It is believed that those who chant the mantras of Lord Hanuman would get the grace of Lord Rama and Ma Sita also.

He had undertaken the tasks of searching Ma Sita even without taking rest for a single moment. His main aim was focussed only about the whereabouts of Ma Sita, and due to his tireless efforts, he has attained his mission, and conveyed the nice message about the existence of Ma Sita to Lord Rama and others. As per ancient saying, wherever Rama Mantra chants, the presence of Hanuman would be there. He contains such a great devotion on Lord Rama, and taking him as a best example, we must also practice Sri Rama Bhakti in our lives.

By reading Sri Hanuman Bhujangam Stotra, we would get great strength similar to Hanuman, and we would get good knowledge in all the subjects.

The wonderful contents present in Sri Hanuman Bhujangam are as follows:-

I pray to the son of the wind god, the great Vayu Bhagavan,
Who is the purest among the pure,
Who blesses his devotees,
Who glitters like the gold,
Whose significance is sung by his devotees,
Who is capable of taking the form of even a small dust particle as well as a big mountain.

I always want to sing about the glory of Lord Hanuman,
whose smile is very precious for me,
and he is adorned with flowers and flower garlands.

I salute Lord Hanuman who showed great interest
in searching for Ma Sita and who had attained a lot
by chanting the holy Rama Nama.

I pray to Lord Hanuman,
Who contains great strength like that of a mountain, and who does even difficult tasks very easily.

I pray to the son of Anjana who looks very pretty for his devotees, and who looks in a fierce form for his enemies.

I meditate on Lord Hanuman,
who had easily crossed the ocean and safely reached the Lanka.

I pray to Lord Hanuman, who is much stronger than the death god Yama, and by reciting his name frequently, we could get rid from death related fear.

I always chants the Mantra of Hanuman,
in order to get protection from him.

My humble salutations to the Monkey god,
Who is very dearest to Rama,
And he is the one, who takes adequate care on his devotees.

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Hanuman, who takes keen interest in bringing the “SANJEEVANI MOUNTAIN” for saving the life of Lakshmana.

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Hanuman who is highly respected by the sages, saints and even by the divine gods and goddesses.

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Hanuman Who consoled Ma Sita, like his affectionate son, and he is the one who burnt and destroyed almost the entire city of Lanka.

I offer my humble salutation to Lord Hanuman whose name and fame is increasing day by day due to his continuous chanting of Rama Nama.

I meditate on Lord Hanuman,
who shows great mercy on us, and he is the one, who grants all kinds of prosperity to us.

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Hanuman who would destroy our sins into ashes, and who would make us to travel in the spiritual path.

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Hanuman who contains great powers similar to his father, Vayu Bhagavan, and he is the one who is very fond of Lord Rama.