Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam



Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam is a famous poem written and sung by Sri Adi Sankara
at Tiruchendur.
While he was undergoing pilgrimage, he visited the holy place Tiruchendur, and due to the grace of Lord Muruga, divine song in praise of Lord Muruga began to pour from his mouth, and this holy poem is considered to be one of the best poems of Lord Muruga.

Some of the contents present in the Subramanya Bhujangam are as follows:

Lord Muruga though appears in the form of a child, contains great powers to remove the obstacles in our life, similar to his brother Lord Vinayaka. He was praised by Lord Brahma, Indra and other Devas in order to fulfil their wishes.
Though I am not a highly knowledgeable person, but in my heart, I have been worshipping you permanently.
Oh! The great son of Lord Shiva! You have beautifully seated in the wonderful peacock, and always praised by your divine attendants. You are having a beautiful face, and a shining body, who dwells in the souls of the great sages, and you are the essence of four Vedas, and the Lord of the Universe.
O Lord Subramanya! Son of Lord Shiva and Shakti, you dwell in the sacred place Tiruchendur and you relieve your devotees from the chain of births, and make them to get spiritual enlightenment. You are destroying the worries from the minds of those devotees who surrender themselves at your holy feet. O Lord Muruga I always praise you and meditate on you.

You are decorated with fragrant flowers, and you appear similar to thousand suns, and your name and fame would never diminish, since you are the Lord of the Lords, and you are also called as Senathipathy, a great warrior god.

Let my mind be filled up with thoughts on you, and let my sorrows turn into happiness, by reciting your wonderful names.

Oh! You are the destroyer of the demons like Tarakasura and Surapadman. You always embrace your consorts Ma Valli and Devasena in an affectionate manner.

Oh! Muruga! You have shared your knowledge with Lord Brahma and destroyed the evil forces and protected the noble ones.

Oh! The mighty son of Lord Maheshwara, all of your six faces, smiles on us, and gives hopefulness and boldness to us.

Oh Saravana! The beloved son of Lord Parameshwara, please destroy our bad habits like lust, anger and greed and show us the spiritual path.

Oh! The great Lord Muruga, please be with us throughout our life, and correct us whenever we try to commit sins in our lives, and make us to chant your glorious names during the time of our death.

Oh! The divine son of Shiva and Shakti! Please relieve us from several diseases and give us peace of mind.

Oh! My beloved Muruga, let all of the organs contained in my body praise about your glories and let my heart melts by singing divine songs on you.

Oh Lord Kumara! Let my entire family worships you, meditates you and sing in praise of you.

Oh! Lord Muruga, please forgive our sins and grant salvation to us after our death.




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