Uddhava Gita



Uddhava was mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatham, and he is one of the important characters of Bhagavatha. He is a cousin to Krishna, and acted as a friend and a disciple to Lord Krishna. He properly followed the instructions of Lord Krishna, and spread the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” among the Yadava people. Though the Yadavas were aware about the significance of Krishna, but through the messages conveyed by Uddhava, they came to know a lot about Krishna. He asked the people to sincerely worship Krishna in order to attain goodness in their life.

He also clarified his doubts with Krishna. The discussions made between him and Krishna is known as Uddhava Gita or Hamsa Gita, and it is considered as a popular text next to our Holy Bhagavad Gita. He also looks like Krishna, and due to that, the Gopikas used to misunderstand him to be of Lord Krishna. Uddhava is the one who was liberated from the birth cycle through the grace of Krishna. After the end of Krishna avatar, as per the advice given by Krishna, Uddhava went to the holy Himalayas, performed meditation on Krishna, and attained salvation. Uddhava Gita is also known as Avadhuta Grantha and Dattatreya Gita.

The contents of the Uddhava Gita are as follows:

  1. In order to attain enlightenment, one must be self-realized and he must be able to see the god in his heart.
    Similar to his soul, he should believe that god dwells in the souls of all the living beings in the universe.
  2. God didn’t give respect to our status or our wealth, but he would give importance only to our true bhakti. In general, he used to dwell in the hearts of the poor people.
  3. God is either in the state of a form or a formless one.
  4. All the creations made by the god are wonderful. But based on their karmic deeds, lot of difference arises between them.
  5. Humanity must be compulsorily followed by everyone, in order to receive god’s blessings.
  6. God is anywhere and everywhere, and he would be within our reach by chanting his various names.
  7. Through constant practice only our mind would get attracted with the almighty.
  8. While adopting the bhakti path, we should not speak badly about the almighty.
  9. Our mind should be filled with full of “KRISHNA BHAKTI” and our each and every cell must chant his mantra, and even after our death, our bones should sing songs on Krishna.
  10. Simply reading the scriptures alone would not give holiness to us. We have to adopt it in practice also, and must spread the essence of scriptures throughout the world.
  11. Our body only would die, and there is no end for our soul.
  12. If we keep on thinking about Lord Krishna throughout our life, even after our death, we would get a good birth.