Sri Ganesa Bhujangam




Sri Ganesa Bhujangam is a collection of Divine songs written in praise of Lord Ganesa. It was written by the great saint and Advaita Philosopher Sri Adisankara in a simple manner. Lord Ganesa is considered to be the first god, and before doing any work, first we have to worship him in order to attain sure success in our tasks. Lord Ganesa is the obstacle remover, and by praising him through his wonderful songs, he would be pleased with our devotion, and would fulfil our wishes.

Sri Ganesa Bhujangam is considered to be the precious GEM among the various songs on Lord Ganesa. It is believed that after the composition of these songs by Adishankara, Lord Ganesa himself appeared before him, praised him for his great talent and blessed him. Hence let us recite the marvellous contents contained in Sri Ganesa Bhujangam, in order to get the entire grace of Lord Ganesa.


I salute the leader of all the Shiva Ganas, who looks very beautiful with a shining face, and who removes the thorns on our path.

I salute the wonderful Ganesa who dances with full of joy like his father by wearing the snake as garland on his belly.

I salute the first god Ganesa who is called by various names like Vinayaka, Ganapathy, Gananatha, Vigneswara, Ekadanta, Lambodara, Vikataraja and many more.

I salute the beautiful god Ganesa, who eats lot of his favourite Mothakams on his Trunk, and he is the one who contains a big belly.

I salute the noble Ganesa who is the son of Parvati and Parameshwara, and he is the one, who is holding the entire universe easily on his stomach.

I salute the marvellous Ganesa who gives immense happiness, gives great strength in our mind and body, and removes the sorrows and sufferings in our life.

I salute Lord Ganesa who had destroyed powerful demons like Gajamukhashura and restored peace in the universe.

I salute Lord Ganesha who gives salvation to his sincere devotees, and makes them to permanently live in his Ganesa Loka.

I salute the excellent god Ganesa, whose significance cannot be praised in words, and whose full form cannot be seen by us in our naked eyes.

I salute Lord Ganesa, who happily resides in the Ganesa Loka surrounded by his devotees and sages, and he appears along with his consorts, Ma Riddhi and Ma Siddhi.

I salute Lord Ganesa, who is in the form of “OMKARA”, and all the Mantras, Vedas, Puranas and Shastras surrenders at his holy feet.

I salute Lord Ganesa, who appears in the form of a small boy and beautifully seated on the lap of his mother, Ma Parvati, and blesses us.

I salute Lord Ganesa, who dwells in the souls of all of his devotees, and who makes them to permanently concentrate their attention on him.

I salute Lord Ganesa, who is the Lord of the Lords and his radiance is equivalent to millions and millions of suns.

I salute Lord Ganesa whose temples are found almost in all parts of the world, who is a very simple god, and he can be found even in the bottom of the holy trees like Arasa and Vanni.

I salute Lord Ganesa who is always praised by his devotees like Vallalla and Purushundi, and he accepts their bhakti with a gentle smile.