Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Bhujangam




Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Bhujangam was written by Sri Adi Shankara in order to reduce the anger of Lord Narasimha, and to pacify him through his wonderful Stotra. By reciting this stotra, clashes in the households would be controlled, and great peace would prevail in the family. Anger is our bad activity, and sometimes people would destroy others also out of the outcome of the anger.

Lord Narasimha after killing Hiranyakasipu was unable to control his anger, and in order to pacify him, the great child devotee Prahalada had recited wonderful stotras and pacified the Lord. Similar to that one, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Bhujangam is composed by Sri Adishankara in order to make the Narasimha deities found in the Narasimha temples to become soft and gentle.

We should keep reciting this wonderful stotra of Lord Narasimha as a daily practice in order to remove the miseries and sorrows in our lives.

The contents present in the popular Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Bhujangam are as follows:-

Oh Lord Narasimha. Please lend you helping hand to all of your devotees, and make them to easily cross in the ocean of life.

Oh Lord Narasimha, you are also known as Lakshmi Narasimha, since you are seen hugging your consort Ma Lakshmi with great love and affection.

Oh Lord Narasimha, who resides in the ocean of milk, who wears various precious ornaments, and who takes rest on his serpent bed, please visit our homes, and dwell with us always.

Oh Lord Narasimha, who is worshipped by Lord Indra, Brahma and Shiva, and your powers cannot be measured by anyone. You are the one who was there even before the creation of the universe. Oh Lord, Please protect us from our enemies, and show mercy on us.

Oh Lord Narasimha, who is always worshipped by his sincere devotee Prahalada, and he is one, who was blessed by Lord Narasimha.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I don’t want to live in the worldly life covered with full of illusions, and I don’t want to get addicted with the worldly pleasures, hence, please appear before me, and immediately take me to your holy abode Vaikunta.

Oh Lord Narasimha, similar to protecting your best devotee Bhakta Prahalada please protect us always in our life. Let me recite your name even when I have been burnt by fire.

Oh Lord Narasimha, let the poisonous snakes bite me, let the powerful weapons like spear injures me, let the wild animals like lion and tiger attack me, but I would never forget you, and I would keep on chanting your names again and again even at the time of my death.

Oh Lord Narasimha, please be with me always by dwelling in my soul, and please show me the proper spiritual path in my life.

Oh Lord Narasimha, please remove the physical and mind related diseases from my body and give me great strength in order to breathe easily.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I want to become your divine serpent bed, Adisesha, in order to enjoy the great divine feeling.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I want to become your divine weapons, Chanku and Chakra in order to permanently stay in your hands.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I want to become your precious ornaments, in order to enjoy the everlasting bliss.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I want to become your wonderful garments, in order to take shelter under your divine body.

Oh Lord Narasimha, I want to become your golden crown, in order to get seated permanently on your head.

Oh Lord Narasimha, even the sun and moon might have an end, but there is no end for you.

Oh Lord Narasimha, give me enough courage, wisdom, boldness and withstanding powers in order to face any kind of challenges with ease.

Oh Lord Narasimha, you have killed various demons and restored peace in the entire universe. You are always thinking about the well-being of others, and protecting them, and that’s why, you have been called as “BHAKTAVATSALA”.