Sri Raghavendra Vijayam



The holy epic “Sri Raghavendra Vijayam” is based on the life history of the great Madhwa Saint, Guru Raghavendra, which was written by Sri Narayanacharya, the poorvashrama relative of Sri Raghavendra, and in this holy text, the author has mentioned the holiness of the Guru, his kindness, sacred places visited by him, and the miracles performed by Guru Raghavendra in the life of his devotees.

After writing this book in palm leaf manuscripts, Sri Narayanancharya had obediently submitted this book to his Guru, and after getting his approval, he has spread the contents contained in the book amongst the masses. In this book, some of the chapters, he has written in the forms of poems, and sung the glory of Guru Raghavendra. Some of the contents contained in the great epic are as follows:

Guru Raghavendra Thirtha, also called Mantralaya mahaprabhu, is the master of Vedas, Granthas and the Madhwa philosophy. He has contributed a lot to spread the Madhwa Philosophy throughout the world, and he is worshipped as a divine Guru by Madhwa community people, and also by his millions and millions of devotees. His bhakti on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna cannot be mentioned in words. He helps us to cross the ocean of life by making us to travel in the spiritual path, and he is the one who would surely grant salvation to us.

Guru Raghavendra is continuously meditating on Lord Rama in his Brindavan without wasting even a single second, and he is blessed by various gods and goddesses by surrounding him, and also he is blessed by the holy mother goddess Manchalamma, who stays near to him, and showers her grace on him. Through his high spiritual powers, he would not allow Kali Purushu to approach us, and                        would remove the evil thoughts from our mind, and would invoke spiritual thoughts in our mind. Those who surrender themselves at the holy feet of the kind Guru would never fail in their lives, and he would do wonders in the lives of his devotees, without seeing their caste, creed, gender, community and religion.

Guru Raghavendra would grant boons to us, and fulfil our reasonable wishes similar to the holy cow Kamadhenu and the wish fulfilling tree Kalpavriksha. Sri Raghavendra shines similar to the brightest Dhruva star, and he is considered as an important Guru in the Madhva lineage. He is worshipped by his devotees, and lot of Brindavanams would be created for him by his devotees.

Sri Raghavendra would console us similar to our own mother, and would be with us during our toughest times in our life.  He is having the supreme powers even to slightly change our fate, and would protect us in times of dangers and difficulties. He would give good knowledge, wisdom, courage and boldness to us and would come with us in all walks of our life.