Subhashitah 10

Subhashitah (10)


Y"P"p V"rG"z O"P"p {S"^T"[OO"#$

As is the seed, so are the leaves of that tree.

_"\"| G"Y"OY"+¡puR"#$

Conquer your anger

S" á¡T"-ðppuW"p ZX"O"u {V"S"p BpsNpv#$

Without virtues good looks are worthless

O"TO"z O"TO"z T"sS"Z{T" T"sS"# @¡pIE"S"z @¡pSO"\"NpêX"o$

Through repeated cycles of heating the gold attains radiance.

“puE"S"pWY"pz {\"`rS"_Y" QT"êNp# {@z¡ @¡qZ^Y"{O"$

If the eyes do not have sight, what can the mirror do

{X"O"W"puG"S"z _\"p_PY"X"o$

Moderate diet is the secret to good health

S"p_OY"`z@¡pZ_"X"# ðpe"s#$

There is no enemy greater than ego

“puW"# T"pT"_Y"z @¡pZNpX"o$

Greed is the root cause of all vices

_\"R"X"uê {S"R"S"z duY"# T"ZR"X"puê W"Y"p\"`#$

Follow your own Dharma, however humble it may be

T"ZpuT"@¡pZ# T"sNY"pY" T"pT"pY" T"ZT"rL>S"X"o$

Kindness to others is the greatest virtue, inflicting pain is the greatest sin

dX" ï\" T"Zpu Y"c"# dX" ï\" T"Zz O"T"#$

Hard work is the highest sacrifice and the greatest penance