Subhashitah 2

Subhashitah (2)


ì{`z_"p, _"OY", ì_O"uY", V"øÏ"E"Y"ê, ì_"zBpø`,

ðpZrZ-dX", ì_\"pQ, _"\"êe", W"Y"\"G"êS"$

_"\"êR"X"ê _"X"pS"O\", _\"Quðpr _T"ðpêW"p\"S"p,

{\"S"X"ø \"øO" {S"^K>p _"u ï@¡pQðp _"u\Y" `vë$

Ahimsa, Satya, Astheya, Brahmacharya, Asangraha,

Sharir-shram, Aswada, Sarvatra, Bhayavarjan.

Sarvadharma Samanatva, Swadeshi Sparsha-bhavana,

Vinamra-vrata Nistha Se Ye Ekadasha Sevya Hain.

With non-killing, truthfulness, non-coveting, celibacy, non-hoarding, exertion, noncraving,

fearlessness, oneness of all Dharmas, self reliance, humility, steadfastness and

firm belief, serve Him in every creature.

íüX" _"p`_" _"OY" S"Y" _"z_@w¡{O" @¡“p {\"“p_",

_"Z_\"O"r “bX"r O"`py ì{\"E"“ @¡Zu {S"\"p_"$

Udhyam Sahas Satya Naya, Samskrit Kala Vilas,

Saraswati Lakshmi Tahan, Avichala Kare Niwas.

Where hard work, courage, and truth are the life principles that nourish the culture,

literature and art, it is there that Saraswati and Lakshmi make there permanent


ì“_Y" @w¡O"pu {\"üp, ì{\"ü_Y" @s¡O"pu R"S"X"o$

ìR"S"_Y" @s¡O"pu {X"e"z, ì{X"e"_Y" @s¡O"pu _"sA"X"o:

Alassya kuto vidya, Avidyasya kuto dhanam .

Adhanasya kuto mitram, Amitrasya kuto sukham.s

There is no knowledge for the lethargic, no wealth for the ignorant, no friends without

wealth and no happiness without friends

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