Subhashitah 3

Subhashitah (3)


S"Z_Y"pW"ZNpX"o á¡T"X"o á¡T"_Y"pW"ZNpX"o BpsNp#$

BpsNp_Y"pW"ZNpX"o c"pS"X"o c"pS"_Y"pW"ZNpX"o b"X"p:

Narasyabharanam roopam, Roopasyabharanam gunah.

Gunasyabharanam gyaanam, Gyaanasyabharanam kshamaa.

The essence of a being is the physical form, the essence of the form is guna (virtue), the

essence of virtue is knowledge, the essence of knowledge is forgiveness

@¡pu{@¡“pNppX"o _\"Zpu á¡T"X"o _e"rNppX"o á¡T"X"o T"{O"\"øO"p$

{\"üpá¡T"X"o @s¡á¡T"pNppX"o _"pR"sNppX"o E" O"P"p b"X"p:

Kokilanam swaro roopam, Streenam roopam pativrataa.

Vidyaroopam kuroopanam, Sadhunam cha tatha kshama.

The beauty of Nightingale lies in its voice, the beauty of a woman lies in her purity, the

beauty of a person lies in their learning and knowledge, and the beauty of Wise persons

in their forgiving nature.

ìX"Se"z ìb"Zz S"p[_O", S"p[_O" X"t“X"S"pv^"R"X"o$

ìY"puBY"z T"sà^"pu S"p[_O", Y"puG"@¡_O"e" Ql“êW"#:

Amantram aksharam naasti, Naasti moolamanaushadham,

Ayogya purusho naasti Yojakastatra durlabhah.

There is no letter that cannot be used in divine hymns, no root that cannot be used for

medicine, there is no useless person, scarcity is indeed of an organizer.

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