Subhashitah 5

Subhashitah (5)


ìBpøO"ðE"O"sZpu \"uQp#, T"w^K>O"# _"ðpZz R"S"s#$

òQz V"øpÏ"{X"Qzb"pe"z, ðppT"pQ{T" ðpZpQ{T":

Agratashchaturo vedaah, prishthatah sasharam dhanuh,

Idam brahmanidam kshaatram, shaapaadapi sharaadapi.

The four Vedas are in front, at the back, we have bows and arrows. Armed with both

intellectual power and also soldier’s strength, we are prepared to face all types of

enemies either through curse or by means of arrows.

ìp`pZ {S"çp W"Y" X"vP"sS"IE", _"pX"pSY"X"uO"O"o T"ðps{W"S"êZpNppX"o$

C"X"puê O"u^"pz ì{R"@¡pu {\"ðpu^"#, R"X"uêNp `rS"# T"ðps{W"__"X"pS"#:

Aahaara nidra bhaya maithuncha, Samanyameta pashubhir naraanam,

Dharmo hi tesham adhiko visheshah, Dharmena heena pashubhissmanah.

Hunger, sleep, fear, and physical pleasuers are common to both animals and human

beings. It is the adherence to Dharma that distinguishes human beings from animals.

Without Dharma, human beings and animals are the same.

_"OY"X"o V"øtY"pO"o {T"øY"X"o V"øtY"pO"o, S" V"øtY"pO"o _"OY"X"{T"øY"X"o$

{T"øY"IE" S"pS"wO"X"o V"øtY"pO"o, ï^"# R"X"ê# _"S"pO"S"#:

Satyam bruyaat priyam bruyaat, na bruyaat satyam apriyam.

Priyamcha naanritam bruyaat, esah dharmah sanatanah.

Truth should be spoken, What is pleasant should be spoken. Unpleasant truth should not

be spoken. Pleasant lies are also not to be spoken. This is the ancient Dharma.

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